Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

A Story by silent-reaper

A girl, Cindy, and a guy, Nathan, become friends and fall in love. The people around them won't allow them to love each other but they can still stay friends. Does it last?


His silky, black hair shined from the moonlight and his perfect, brown eyes glistened with thought. I always wondered how he could have smooth, tanned skin seeing that his brother is pale, white. I have seen him go through so much pain and hurt and it breaks my heart to see him leave. Though I guess you could blame me for most of the pain he has endured. I’ve wondered if he ever had a time when he was truly happy. I wish, oh, I so wish I could love you but I value our friendship more.


Our differences keep us apart but I still like you. Our friends keep us apart and so do our families but I still love you. I know this love is forbidden but our friendship isn’t. I’ve always wondered why you made those sacrifices. You turned away from your family and the one you loved. You told me you did it for me. You said, ‘how can I turn away from my friend for a girl who doesn’t even love me back.’ You did value our friendship and I am forever in your debt for it.


  “Why Nathan? After all of the s**t we’ve been through… you leave,” I whispered looking at the ground. He walked up and sat beside me on the cold, park bench. I looked up at him and realised his eyes were now gleaming red.

  “I’m sorry, but… I can’t tell you otherwise you’ll follow me, but what I can tell you is that I’m doing this to protect you,” he said in a croaked voice.

  “Why can’t I come?!” I demanded, tears now streaming down my eyes.

  “Cindy you are a beautiful thirteen year old girl who still has a lot to live for. I don’t want you getting hurt,” he hushed as he put an arm around me for comfort. I leaned into his chest, listening to the melody his heartbeat made. He was so warm even on this chilly autumn night.


I felt safe in his embrace almost invincible because I knew that so long as his heart was still beating I would have something to fight for, and to protect. I sighed and wished this could last forever.

  “You’re the same age as me and… I don’t want to lose you,” I whispered. His arms tightened around me. It stayed that way for a few moments until he got up and walked to a rose bush. He picked an elegant, blood red rose with sharp, deadly thorns. He came back and sat down next to me. He pricked his finger on one of the thorns causing it to bleed.


  “Let me fix it,” I said, reaching for his hurt finger.

  “No,” he said, restraining my hand from touching the life substance. He glared hard at me.

  “Okay,” I surrendered giving into his eyes. Every time I looked into them I felt as if I would melt. He smeared a trail of blood on the stem of the rose and closed his eyes. He placed the rose in the palm of his hand and began to concentrate. I could see a dark aura form around the rose as the blood red hue faded and turned into black. He finally opened his heart melting eyes and handed me the rose.

  “This rose I have given you is now bonded to me. If the dark aura disappears and the rose returns to its blood, red hue then my heart has stopped beating. So long as this rose of death remains black I shall still be breathing.”


He kissed my forehead and walked into the darkness of the forest. I just sat there with the rose in my hand.

  “Please be back soon,” I whispered as I lay on the park bench clutching the rose into my chest. I could almost feel his heartbeat coming from the rose. I closed my eyes wondering if I ever could get to sleep but soon found my way to unconsciousness.


“Cindy, Cindy you must get up please.” I heard someone calling my name. The voice sounded distressed and worried, a bit like Nathan’s when I got hurt. I opened my eyes expecting to find Nathan trying to wake me up. Black raven hair, smooth, pale skin, dark, brown, glimmering eyes. It was Nathan’s brother Tai. I sat up a bit annoyed that I had been woken up.



  “Tai, what is it that you need to tell me to wake me up from my slumber?” I asked while yawning. His head hung down sadly.

  “Cindy I’m sorry I woke you up but… Nathan… he is gone,” he replied sobbing.

I then remembered what had happened last night and the rose. Wait, where was the rose?! I picked it up off the ground and realised the black aura wasn’t there anymore. The black on the rose was slowly fading away. I stared at the flower in shock. I couldn’t speak. How could this happen?

  “Hey Cindy, are you alright there?” he asked wiping his tears away. He noticed the rose I was holding.

  “You have some rose there. Is it magical? Because it’s changing colour,” he said and stared at it in awe.

  “Nathan… left… you won’t find him anywhere in the village,” I said still shocked.

The black continued to fade to red.


  “I need to go. I’ll be back I promise,” I said as I got up and ran into the forest in which I saw Nathan leave. I clutched the rose which was dying in my hand. My chest started throbbing from the pounding of my heart. It felt as if every step closer I was to him the more my heart felt as if it would break. My eyes started to sting from the wind rushing into my face, or maybe it was because I knew Nathan was dying.

  “No, he can’t be dying he’s stronger than that,” I assured myself and kept running through the darkness. It was so dark in the forest even though I knew that the sun was shining brightly above the high canopies. I could feel Nathan’s presence come nearer and nearer. I started sobbing as I ran. Everything was blurry to me now. The trees that I sped past, the crunch of the twigs and leaves I was treading on. I suddenly could hear a river up ahead.

“Nathan would be there,” I thought to myself. The running water became louder and louder and Nathan’s presence became closer and closer. The rose was almost red.

  “No Nathan, Where are you? NATHAN!!!” I screamed as I bolted into the opening I could see up ahead and ran into the shallow river. My baggy clothes were drenched as I climbed out.


A few meters in front of me lay a body. The back was turned away from the river. There was a deep wound in the middle of his chest which looked as if someone had tried to stab his heart but missed. He lay on a pool of blood and was breathing heavily. I froze. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t take in what I was witnessing. I felt a breeze blow softly beside me. I forced myself to walk beside him and sit down.

  “Nathan,” I croaked. Tears streamed down my eyes and I started to silently sob. He looked into my eyes and smiled.

  “You are the one love in my one life. The brother which I turned away from did this to me. I could have killed him but I just froze. I’m sorry I broke the promise… I believe there is an afterlife and that I will one day meet you there. I love you Cindy and I have expressed this by giving you this rose of death that you now hold. Be a good girl,” he whispered, then closed his gorgeous eyes which were once filled with life and happiness. The rose was now completely red. I put my ear to his chest and couldn’t hear his heartbeat. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I let out a loud cry and began to sob in his chest.

  “I waited… so long for… you… to say those… three words… to me… and this is how it is?!” I cried. I feel empty and worthless. How can I live a life without Nathan? How will my heart mend from this loss? I took out the knife that was stabbed into Nathan’s body and held it to my chest.

  “You didn’t just have one life Nathan. You had two,” I said pressing the knife deep into my chest. I gasped at the sudden sharp pain that flowed through my body.

  “A life without you is like no life at all,” I chocked. I started seeing stars everywhere and fell to the ground beside the one person who changed my life. The stars danced everywhere around me, until darkness overshadowed the stars. My heartbeat slowed down as I gradually fell into unconsciousness. A gust of wind came which caused the rose to gently float into the river.


© 2010 silent-reaper

Author's Note

Please ignore the grammar and spelling because I'm sure that there's a few errors in there, just tell me what you think of the story itself?
I wrote this when I was really depressed and didn't like the fact that most love stories had a happy ending.

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wow that was really good.
and i like the way you think about the whole happy endings to love stories.
it was a great read.
the emotion of it was really good.
and i agree with writer me the description could be better.
besides that i liked it.
good job. :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

Wow very nice. I mean the description could be tweaked but the emotions were perfect. Very heartfelt and yes, the non- stereotyped ending made it work. great job! =]

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

ahhhhhhh this is so sad. i love it! i would (possibly) do that for the one i love...... i hope they do have a good after life.................

Posted 13 Years Ago

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