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TS might not be Frost or Eliot but combined with Nix they made music. Perhaps another colab?...
Follow the Sheep

Follow the Sheep

A Poem by Silent Pacer

This is a random poem I scribbled while dealing with a particular nasty part of my schooling where I was studying both the constructs of our society and also the darkest parts of the USA's history.

Left, Left, Left. Right. Left....
One, Two, Three,
Let's all line up and BAAA like sheep.
Jump up. Sit down.
Stop. NOW GO! ...but just say no.

Inject the poison in the face,
It'll helps one erase the errors, time's little mistakes.
But please don't waste time with a rhyme...
For we all must get in line.

Shut Up! NO! Speak LOUDER!!!
Lets all join in, it will make your mamma prouder.
Drink this, cut that....
Especially if it contains fat!
Glassed eyes, Blank Stares...
No one really cares.

Fanatic is just a polite way to word,
These propaganda fueled sheep in the herd.
And yes they do more than just make a peep.
They scream and shout,
And tell us all about what they've heard,
while grazing with only their kind's herd.

Go away! Now come back...
Color within the lines and you'll get a snack!
As the clock ticked orange,
A failure was mocked up as success...
Oh by the way,
Do I look fat in this dress???

Speak Up, No louder still...
I'm just not sure if you've got the drill.
Spiel Anarchy for the cause,
but only when there is applause.

Right foot, left foot, some blood too...
The body bags are all full, oh what to do?
Eh, this is just so droll,
Switch the screen...
Now we'll watch our next scene.

Individuality with a logo stitch,
But careful, buying the wrong brand is definitely a miss...
Oh my... Reject that toe tag,
It just simply wont fly!
You really ought to try something new,
Perhaps something in a lovely shade of morose blue?

I still know what Ive been told,
All the streets are made gold... that's what I've been told.
Knowledge is sweet, but only to the thoughtful sheep...
This all said and done, I really should run to fall in line...
...why do I feel so cold when I act the Sheep?

© 2017 Silent Pacer

Author's Note

Silent Pacer
Grammar has never been a strong suit for me, so hopefully this sounds okay.
It was meant to be a bit choppy and bounce subjects throughout... though I did try to make it flow nevertheless. Hopefully it worked! I tend to be a free form writer so it is sometimes difficult for me to pull it off.
All comments and reviews are more than welcomed!

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Added on March 19, 2017
Last Updated on March 19, 2017


Silent Pacer
Silent Pacer

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