Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

A Poem by Silver~

This is about self image and how you know what you see but you can't help but think otherwise about yourself when looking in the mirror.


Mirror, Mirror On the Wall


The mirror is the enemy it wants you to

see your flaws.

To hang pictures of "perfect" in your brain

and break down your self confident walls.


It want's you to notice the added fat from

missing that one workout.

It thrives off the pain and your tear-brimmed eyes

and it likes the hateful things you shout.


It adds on pounds and blemishes,

more then you would believe.

It litters your wrist and thighs with scars,

forcing you to wear long sleeves.


The frowns that you make and simplest of cries,

the mirror enjoys, so the mirror lies.


Too fat.

Too tall.

Too skinny.

Too small.


The mirror is wrong and by now you know

its true.

But it's to late, you realize, when you look in the mirror

and can't find you.


An empty shell of "could've been" is

sitting in it's place.

Covered in scrapes, bruises, dried up tears,

a shattered mask of what once was your face.


You squint in hopes to find some of the old you.

but your in danger.

It's silly to search because all you are now is an

unrecognizable stranger.



© 2014 Silver~

Author's Note

Thank you for reading! I haven't really edited it much (shame on me) so don't be too harsh XD

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Added on October 31, 2014
Last Updated on October 31, 2014
Tags: mirror, self worth, insecure, eating disorder, sad, depressing, self confidence, perfect



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