Chapter 4: The Quest

Chapter 4: The Quest

A Chapter by Aurora Silverheart

A day passed with no word from Darkclaw. . .the days became weeks, still not a sign. Nightfang became used to her new status. But even though the new Shadow leader was an excellent representative, the dragons in the Dragon Cave were still nervous with the disappearance of Darkclaw.

     Then one day a fortnight after Nightfang became Leader of Shadow, the Dragon Seer came to the Council to tell them the ominous news.

     “What news do you bring, Waterdance?” asked Stoneclaw.

     “Grave news, Leader of the Council. Darkclaw was indeed taken by Drakath, if it was against his will or not I do not know.”

     “We assumed that much.”

     “Wait, there is more, Drakath managed to bind Darkclaw to him so he is now with Drakath. He also managed to plant a spy right inside Dragon Cave!” Tension filled the cave.

     Windflyer spoke, “Do you know anything about the location of Drakath? We must send a group of dragons and convince Drakath to let Darkclaw go. If Drakath does not, we must make war.”

     “I know that it is in the West quite far on claw but a day’s journey by wing not counting stops,” replied Waterdance.

     “Let us choose who to send on this perilous quest. Seven dragons will go. Every element must be represented or the balance between nature will be broken,” said Stoneclaw.

     “Vinetail will represent the dragons of the forest,” offered Emberleaf.

     “I recommend Bluefire.” That was Goldenflame.

     Riverscale then said, “I know Ripplepond will be happy to receive a mission.”

     “I will send Smokebreeze,” Windflyer suggested.

     “Thunderscale is ready for a mission,” Lightingstrike said.

     “Lunarfang will be essential to the quest.” Eclipse answered.

     “Shadewing will go.” Nightfang said.

     “Good. Tell them that they have been chosen to go forth in a quest and then explain what their goal is. Have them gathered here at dawn tomorrow,” Stoneclaw said to the Dragon Council.


     When the next dawn came, the assembled group was gathered at the mouth of the Cave. The Council stood behind them. “It is dawn, be brave and courageous. By your strength, you will prevail; your heart will show you the way.” Stoneclaw said the formal words that began every quest. The questing dragons dipped their heads formally then left. Bluefire took to the air first, the rest of the group close behind.

     Vinetail, the youngest in the group of dragons began to chatter right away, “What do you think Drakath’s place looks like? I bet it’ll be dark and spooky like a haunted house! How long until we stop and rest? How about food? And water? I’ve never been this far from the Cave have you? I bet this quest will be a piece of cake!”

     “No wonder Emberleaf wanted that chatterbox out of the Cave: she is driving me crazy,” Shadewing muttered irritably.

     “Don’t get cross; we’ve barely started the quest Shadewing!” Lunarfang teased playfully, trying to lighten his dark mood. Shadewing snorted, “As if…”

     And on the seven dragons flew. The tapestry of the Earth below stretched on, bright emerald and blue.

     Eventually, it got so windy that they could hardly fly straight with the exception of Smokebreeze who was coasting on the strong wind currents. Poor Vinetail was tossed through the gusty air. Thunderscale caught her in his claws before she could crash land.

     “We better land before we get completely off course,” roared Thunderscale over the howling wind after letting Vinetail go in a slow-moving current of air.

     “Alright with me,” Ripplepond shouted back. So the wind battered group went into a steep dive landing with a dull thud on the earth.

     “Pity, I quite enjoy flying in strong winds. It really is quite thrilling,” said Smokebreeze cheerfully.

     Shadewing grumbled “Stupid wind dragon! What kind of dragon likes flying in a windstorm?!”

     “Well since we are on ground, we might as well hunt,” Lunarfang said ignoring Shadewing’s comment and headed off to a nice hunting spot.

     Each dragon chose slightly different places to catch their meals where their elements were an advantage. Bluefire decided to hunt for herds of animals unguarded by humans; Vinetail went off her own way into a grove of trees still chattering happily to herself. Ripplepond went to find the nearest water source; Smokebreeze left to the open meadow where the wind was strongest; Thunderscale went for high ground, and Shadewing decided to steal some livestock from the nearby farmers.

     After an hour or so, the dragons met back together where they had landed, quite full.

     They were resting after the hunt when the now still air was shattered by a tremendous roar.  A dragon, not just any dragon, an oversized angry-red dragon came bursting out of the tree line right at the resting travelers. Then more dragons came, all fiery red the color of blood.

     Claws were unsheathed, teeth glinted. Then came several human mages and the air was soon rent with the sounds of battle: fangs tearing, claws slicing, and many menacing snarls and roars.

     The questing dragons fought bravely but they were overpowered by the red dragons and powerful human mages.

     “We can’t fight all of them!”Lunarfang bellowed over the din: she was fighting three mages at once.

     “Help!” a sudden cry from Vinetail; she was being mauled by the wave of dragons. Smokebreeze lunged in her direction but was blocked by several mages. Smokebreeze hissed in frustration. Their plan, apparently, was to separate them and attack.

     “We have to join together,” Bluefire roared. All seven dragons began to inch closer together. Finally they formed a half circle facing outwards at the enemy. Every one of them had fatal wounds from claws and teeth, or powerful spells.           The half circle formation held the attackers off for a while but by the sheer number of seemingly endless foes. One by one, they went down. Their attackers were trying to capture them because first Vinetail was bound, then Ripplepond. . . later Smokebreeze, Lunarfang, Shadewing, Bluefire, and then finally Thunderscale.

     When all of the journeyers were captured by powerful spells, their captors forced them to their feet. The lead mage shouted orders in a foreign tongue and the troupe of dragons took into the air, captives trailing behind. All of the mages were now aboard a fiery beast. None of the questing dragons spoke a word, not even talkative Vinetail. Finally, after hours of flying, the group came to land near a shadowy castle. The atmosphere around it was foreboding and dark as the sky around it. Thunder rumbled, lightning sparked high in the sky . . . but only above the looming castle.

     The captives were ushered inside the cold stone walls until they came to a room full of cages. A wave of fear crested around the dragons ensnared in powerful spells. When the dragons were forced into cages, the mages and red dragons left. The room was eerily quiet not to mention gloomy and depressing. After what seemed like hours, Drakath himself came in.

     “So. My dragons were apparently successful, and also my spy.” A muted gasp came from the caged dragons as they focused on Drakath’s words. “He is just a normal Shadow dragon who is remarkably like Darkclaw; both lusted for power. Aside from that, I will soon have the whole Dragon Cave under my control! And once I have accomplished that, I will conquer the whole Dragon World! And after that, I will have Earth under my control also, but first I need you to join my dragon army.” The words were whispered but sounded alarmingly clear.

     “We will never allow that to happen!” Bluefire said boldly sending a glare at Drakath.

     “Like you dragons will change anything,” smirked Drakath. “But don’t you worry, you can stay here in my castle for as long as you like.” Then he left with a last sneer at the helpless dragons.

     About half an hour later, (time was so different when trapped in a cage awaiting the next horrible thing to happen) a dozen mages came into the room along with the head mage.

     The lead mage surveyed the dragons who stared back. “Take the small blue dragon,” he barked to the others. They moved towards Ripplepond who whimpered in fear. “Activate the spells.” The air around Ripplepond heaved and undulated as the strong magic was set in motion. Her pupils dilated as the spells bound her wings and snout. The lead mage muttered several words and the cage door swung open noiselessly. Ripplepond was led away.

     “Ripplepond . . .” Lunarfang moaned, she recollected herself and said to the other dragons, “We need a plan to escape, and get Ripplepond back if we can.” Bluefire spoke up, “Let’s pretend we do what Drakath wants and then escape when we get a chance.” The dragons nodded in mutual agreement. The escape plan made their hope intensify.

     In another room, Ripplepond was shackled by the mages. “Let me go!” shrieked Ripplepond in terror. “Not until you agree to join with me. Let me take control of you and anything you want will be there. If not . . .” Drakath made a threatening gesture towards Ripplepond, “If not, you and your friends will die.”

     “Never! No!” Ripplepond whimpered. “Fine, have it your way then . . .” Drakath left leaving Ripplepond feeling worse than ever. The dark mages closed in on their prey, leeching power from Ripplepond until she went limp.

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