Chapter 6: Skywing to Dragonhood

Chapter 6: Skywing to Dragonhood

A Chapter by Aurora Silverheart

This chapter starts Part II of the Dragonrider Chronicles. Read and enjoy! Comments and criticism welcome! And thank you for reading this far! ^^


A full week later, the sky blue hatchling had grown a pair of stubby wings. As custom, a hatchling will pass the hatchling stage and receive their official name when wings can be seen. Their names are not official until past the hatchling stage is due to the fact that most hatchlings don’t survive past the hatchling stage.

     Velicity was in her house, full of joy that her small dragon was soon obtaining a name.

     “Soon you’ll have a name! I wonder what it will be!” Velicity said to the small dragon who was trying to climb the leg of the table. He gave a small cry, half-bird half-dragon, and crawled onto the tabletop flicking out his V-shaped tongue.

     That dusk would be the small dragon’s Naming. So when the sun dyed the sky a pale pink, Velicity followed the trail that led to the Dragon Cave with the soon-to-be-named dragon in tow. The Dragon Council was once again seated around the fire, except this time most of the colony had assembled there. Sea Spirit flicked his tail in welcome, while Silverwing, the hatchling’s mother, rumbled in pleasure.

     Finally Goldenflame called for silence. “Tonight is a very special night; Velicity’s hatchling will progress to a young dragon, and be given his official name. Come, young one.” The hatchling stepped into the circle of the Council. “From now on, you will no longer be a hatchling nor will you be nameless,” rumbled Goldenflame. “I name thee Skywing for your sky blue scales and in hope that your growing wings will carry you far.” The dragons all cheered. “Let the feast begin!”

     Several lean, muscular dragons, expert at hunting carried freshly killed deer, sheep, cow, and several other prey animals into the cave. The colony of dragons dove into the feast, congratulating the blue dragon of his new name. Every piece of prey was shared by three or four dragons as custom.

     “Congratulations Skywing!” Lunarfang called over.

     “Yes, indeed,” said Thunderscale.

     “Skywing, I’m so proud!” Silverwing nuzzled the blue dragon who licked his mother’s nose back.

     Soon, the prey had disappeared and everyone’s hunger was sated. Velicity had eaten a bit of sheep, roasted over the Central Fire of course, and was feeling quite content to watch all the dragons in the Dragon Council say some final words.

     “Skywing, may your bravery and strength grow quickly. You will return to your mother, Silverwing, for some basic training for young dragons. Velicity, raise your dragon well and he will assist you for many decades to come!”


After the ceremony . . .

     Velicity had given young Skywing back to her mom to get basic training. Now, she decided to take a short walk around in the forest before returning to her small cabin.

     She was sad to leave Skywing with his mother, but Velicity knew that she would get Skywing back in a month.

     Velicity remembered her earlier training . . . she had been mentored by an old dragon named Stormflight who taught her basic magic like how to start a fire without wood, or how to produce water without a well. Stormflight had also taught Velicity how to use a bow and throwing knives. They were currently in her bedroom along with a set of light, simple armor.

     Soon she was far into the forest. A thick canopy of leaves blocked out all sunlight.

     I should go back, thought Velicity, turning around. That moment, she heard a bloodcurdling shriek. It was a dragon and it sounded close by. Velicity followed the sound and arrived by a clearing. A strange shadow . . . no, it wasn’t shadow, it was too dense. The dense shadow was circling around the emerald green dragon; it was trapped! Velicity reached to grab her throwing knives but remembered that they were back in her cabin. Looking around desperately for something to throw, Velicity picked up a short branch and hurled it into the midst of the swirling darkness. It passed straight through.

     “Light . . .magic!” the young dragon managed to say. Quickly, Velicity reached into her memory. She remembered her teacher drilling her on how to produce light, in case she was lost in a cave. Velicity concentrated trying to remember the words that would summon Light. “Banishing darkness, burning bright to light my way! Shining through the densest mist, I summon thee, Light! Light Sphere!” An orb of light shone brightly in her palm. Velicity cast the ball of light at the shadow creatures. The swirling mass seemed to evaporate and flee before the glowing sphere. Then, Velicity turned to the trembling dragon.

     “Are you alright young drake? What happened?” she asked.

     “I was going to impress my friends by catching a deer but got trapped by the shadow beasts,” he replied shamefully. “Thank you for getting rid of them.”

     “No problem, but you shouldn’t have gone into the forest by yourself.” The young dragon shifted, uncomfortably. “I’ll take you back to the Cave if you want,” continued Velicity seeing that the young dragon was sorry. The dragon sighed, “Ok then, the prey is probably all hiding now even if I did want to catch something.” The twosome started on the trail out of the forest. “Oh yeah I’m Seascale, my father is Sea Spirit. You know my dad right?”

     “Yes, he is a talented dragon. He was the first dragon I ever saw, nearly scared me out of my wits too.” Velicity smiled remembering the day she had chanced on this magical world.

     They soon came to the edge of the forest and started on the well worn path to the gigantic cave.

     “I better get back to my cabin now, bye!” Velicity said as they reached the mouth of the cave.

     “Good bye! See you some other time!” called the teal colored dragon as Velicity began to walk to her small house. So Velicity went back to her cabin, exhausted, and soon fell asleep on her bed.

     The next morning was a sunny and bright one. Velicity decided to go see how Skywing was doing. She was already missing the young playful dragon. She took the fourth tunnel from the right into the Lunar dragons’ section. They were there in the cave just as Velicity had thought they would be. Skywing was listening intently to his mother, Silverwing.

     “Hello Skywing! Good morning Silverwing!” called Velicity merrily from the entrance of the chamber.

     The sky blue dragon bounded towards Velicity. “I am learning a lot from mother! My wings will get big one day and we can fly together!” chirruped the small dragon, blue eyes sparkling with enthusiasm.

     “Yeah, Skywing, that would be awesome! Learn quickly!” The stubby wings on Skywing were beginning to lengthen slowly.

     “Hello Velicity, I knew we would be meeting again.” Silverwing smiled.

     “Yes, Silverwing,” Velicity thought for a moment. “Will I get more training later?” Velicity asked the elder dragon.

     The silver dragon thought for a while then said slowly, “Yes, I believe you will have another training course later to get familiar with your dragon as well as flying lessons. I would love to tell you more but we do need to get back to practicing.”

     “Thanks Silverwing,” said Velicity exiting the chamber.

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