Love's Shipwreck

Love's Shipwreck

A Poem by Thanatos Darkraven

When two people meet for the very first time

And the flames of love ignite

It’s a miraculous and wonderful feeling

That makes for a memorable night


When we locked eyes underneath the stars

Our path was as clear as day

I made up my mind then and there

By your side I would always stay


Now things are different between you and me

We no longer see eye to eye

And the smoldering embers of love

Will slowly burn out and die


There’s nothing more I want in this world

Than to have you close by my side

But that seems impossible now

Since the passion between us has died


You’ve buried me with my shattered dreams

You’ve laid me six feet underground

You ask me how you let this happen

You did it when you let me down


No more shall I plague this world

No more shall I roam this land                

No longer shall I live my life

Directed by fate’s cruel hand


I won’t be ruled by fate anymore

I won’t play as love’s poor fool

I refused to be broken and thrown aside

As if I were a worthless tool


I’ll live my life as free as a bird

That’s learned to spread its wings and fly

I’ll never be chained down again

As I wander the starlit sky


© 2009 Thanatos Darkraven

Author's Note

Thanatos Darkraven
My first poetic attempt in quite some time..... just tryna shake off the rust i guess.

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In choosing a title for a piece I like to redirect my thoughts from the piece and pull something from what I feel would be in succession to the conclusion of the expression of it. For example, what would go through ones mind as the reader as well as what would would go through the mind as the author. So, for this piece, as the reader, I appreciated how the tidiness of thought contradicts the emotion being expressed, so as the author I would choose a title that best describes how this idea pertains the aspect of expression on a the personal level of the author. How about something along a simple line: "Mind Junk Liberation" or something more personal not spoken of specifically within the piece in place of 'Mind Junk' that best describes the inspiration for writing it. Well penned, a well worth read. Thanks for sharing on Cloak and Dagger.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on January 16, 2009
Last Updated on February 2, 2009


Thanatos Darkraven
Thanatos Darkraven

Melbourne, FL

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