A satire...

A satire...

A Poem by Simple_mee

Presents the superstitions prevailing in our society in a satiric manner...


A satire


Was walking out of door one fine day,

When all of a sudden came mother running,

She stopped me on my way,

And forbid me to leave the house that day,

As she had had a sneeze!

So urgent was my need to go,

That I, making up my mind, told her that,

It was a sneeze symbolizing that she was remembered,

And not that I was in danger!

How hard I tried,

She was not pacified,

For she had had a nightmare too,

Early in the morning hours!

She took that for a portent,

And at last surrendered before my pleadings,

Only with a condition!

My sister was to accompany me,

See to my safety, security and protection!

A few miles away from home,

The car was stopped for my sister demanded so!

A cat had crossed our path said she,

Which according to her was a real bad omen!

She told me to wait there,

Until someone else crossed the path before us!

Seconds passed, minutes passed but no soul did appear,

The road was deserted, no movement seen,

And I was quite late it seemed!

I prayed to God for a Christian soul,

Who would save me from this misery,

Ah! At last did a man appear,

And we moved on our way!

God damn the moment the cell phone rang,

The call was taken and heftily hung up!

I was ordered to turn the car around,

Head for home instead of going ahead!

One of my photos at the house,

Had fallen down, the glass broken!

Who had dreamt in the worst of nightmares,

That all this would happen to me!

Why God! Why Me!

Were the only thoughts of poor Me!

When we got home,

Mother seemed quite worked up,

According to her all that was happening,

Was all due of dear Me!

The result of my sleeping facing the wrong direction!

Oh My! Wondered I!

What will happen of this world,

If these superstitions keep on hovering over us!

Will we be ever able to proceed?

Leave this silliness behind us?

With these thoughts in my head,

I settled down for the night,

And was careful enough to sleep facing the direction,

Specified by my mother!

© 2010 Simple_mee

Author's Note

Note the abrupt ending....

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i really liked this!!! its very natural n straight from the heart!!! loved dis g8 satire!!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on January 30, 2010
Last Updated on February 12, 2010
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A Poem by Simple_mee