To Finally Be Free

To Finally Be Free

A Poem by Simply Whitney

Days and nights,

My heart was hurting.

Listening and crying,

and hate could not stop from blurting.


I looked up to you,

in respect and all.

And in the end,

you seem like you don't care if I fall.


You say you love me,

In all that you do.

But it's hard to believe,

after all you put me through.


Slaps and hits,

mean words and harsh things.

You say you're protecting me,

from all other beings.


It doesn't seem that way to me,

and you convinced me that he was wrong.

But now I've grown older,

and it was you all along.


Oh dear Mother of my mine,

when will you finally see,

that I am stronger,

and no longer naive.


I can now think and feel for myelf,

and tell all the world what really happened to me.

Because now you can't stop it,

'Cause I know what it feels like

to finally be free.

© 2008 Simply Whitney

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Is this addressed to the mother? If so, who was the 'he' - your father? Step-father? She convinced you that he was wrong, you say, but then you talk about 'what really happened to me.'
You hold your cards too close to your chest to get the best sense out of this. Yes, you're 'finally free', but free from what? From an overbearing mother and an abusive stepfather? It's an old story, but I think you need to let the reader in on the circumstances more, otherwise it's just another teenage rave against the unfair parents.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on July 18, 2008


Simply Whitney
Simply Whitney

LaPlace, LA

well I am Whitney. I have a passion for writing and music so this is pretty much why I joined this shindig but anyways, I am fourteen and I love being myself and to stand out and I do pretty rad job d.. more..

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A Poem by Simply Whitney