Catastrophic Privilege

Catastrophic Privilege

A Poem by Simran Kewlani

Destruction paved the way for the planet to breathe again.

You look at the world through your rose coloured privilege, your perception of reality so far from what it actually is,
Everything seems so good, everything seems so fair, but good and bad are also subjective,
Reality is perceptive, you look at a tree to be a tree now, but as kids we read about them as enchanted woods,
Believed we could reach a magical place; we were truly privileged, those distortions could have saved the world.

Trees are used for paper, forgetting the magical place all along was the one we lived in,
Trees are beautiful scenic paintings sold in museums, not that they provide us with life.

The magical place we all dreamed of reaching was never in fact out of reach,
We were living it, breathing it, exploiting it to its highest capacity, rain was the pain; yet we wonder why climate change became a concern.  

Rose coloured privilege, how does that sound? We never thought hugging another person or shaking a hand would have led to a catastrophe,
Believe it, we are living it and this time it will exploit us, tell me why shouldn’t it?

The world is breathing, the smoke from factories has lifted, the waves are dancing,
All it took was all of humankind to suffer for us to see its beauty, to realise we were privileged to have access to it,
The incongruity of the worldview compared to yours, tore your rose coloured privilege away,
Left you wishing, you still thought of the woods as the path to a magical; and maybe then you’d appreciate the world and not take it for granted.

-Simran Kewlani
25th March, 2020

© 2020 Simran Kewlani

Author's Note

Simran Kewlani
Criticize if required. Hope you're all taking care.

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love your "Criticism if required." ahhhhhh gives me a chuckle my friend ;) well .. there are many debatable thoughts in this ... for me your analogy of Magical thinking wobbles a bit but i think it is a brilliant premise ... i need to re-read a couple times i think .. sometimes my mind doesn't follow along obediently and wanders a bit itself :)) ...for me the big philosophical thing i take away from reading is the value of gratitude ... its thread is throughout your article .. a call to consciousness bigger than self ... i would not have thought of myself as privileged to see magic through the trees and in the trees .. but i suppose it is ... some children's lives are so terribly destitute they are called to adulthood at a very early age ... and that magical thinking is striped bare :( my opinion on covid 19 virus is of restrained concern ... common sense and pointed hygiene during flu seasons always is hallmark in staying healthy ... stay away from crowds in enclosed spaces and wash hands and keep them away from the face .. cough into your elbow and stay home if sick ... coronovirus is a family that sprouts various strains every year for milleniums ... this one is particularly virulent but still the same common sense applies .. along with public restrictions due to those non-compliant few ... you cover a lot of ground ..pollution, pandemic, poverty, privilege ... and my favorite............Magick

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on March 25, 2020
Last Updated on March 25, 2020


Simran Kewlani
Simran Kewlani

Mumbai, India

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