The Curse

The Curse

A Poem by Vishal Singh

You have to read it


Congratulations, said the nurse,

Your wife is relieved of the curse,

Stream of tears ran down my face,

Unable to control my heart’s pace.


Mad with joy, I flung open the door,

Came into the ward, and slipped on the floor,

There was my love, with my daughter in her arm,

The little thing had lit the room with her charm.


Lifted her up, upon her face I gazed,

She too stared at me, but looked amazed,

My heartbeat skipped, with the twinkle of her eyes,

Seemed a fairy on my lap, had landed from the skies.


From the baby in my arms, to a girl she grew,

Time passed by faster than I knew,

When suddenly I saw her running in the woods,

Thought the woman inside is having changing moods.


But the blink of an eye, and she was nowhere,

Rushed for her glimpse, almost everywhere,

Heard a cry, hey daddy m here,

My eyes searched for her, me shivering out of fear.


There she was, stretching to me her hands,

I saw behind, it was end of the land,

Darling, come here, tis too dangerous,

Me yelled, with a feeling horrendous.


So happy as she was, gone crazy,

Gushed in the wind, made my sight hazy,

One fearful cry, I rubbed my eyes,

Watched her slip, down from the highs.


Screaming out my heart, I got up n looked around,

Was there on my bed, my love sitting on the ground,

I had a bad dream, she did not,

But dried up tears on her face, that I had not.


Rays of the sun, that had risen across,

Lit up her face, devoid of the gloss,

Ached her ears, to hear the nurse,

Who would never say, you are relieved of the curse.







© 2020 Vishal Singh

Author's Note

Vishal Singh
Please suggest places to improve. :)

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Oh....I was thrilled by each stanza of now what and then!'re right.....have to read it!
Terrifically amazing😊

Posted 5 Years Ago

Vishal Singh

5 Years Ago

thanku thanku thanku so much.

5 Years Ago

Wc wc wc😊

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Added on February 2, 2018
Last Updated on January 25, 2020


Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh

Bangalore, India

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