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The unraveling of all time lies in the eye of the observer, for only he can dictate when to rise and when to rest. The few things I know, I also know to be true; all people desire more to life than what they have received, though some do not consciously know it. There is always an implicit urge to continue to search the darkness of the unknown to find the light that will illuminate all shadows of life; it is a consistency throughout the history of man, be it war, experimentation, philosophy, ethics, etc. There is a few amount of people that even ponder on such a level as this, as some were simply not destined to delve into their own psyche, as it appears. Quite simply, being in darkness is being blind; you cannot see where you are going.

In essence, the human life has many subjective paths, which is self-evident in even a basic observation of Capitalism, yet there are only a few objective paths; I will henceforth relate this objective path as “the true path”. If we were not purposefully designed for something specific, we would not have any character differences at all; this, to me, seems blatantly evident of a creator, yet many doubt this and curiously coin themselves as “free thinkers” (this title is almost disturbingly contradictory due to the simple fact that they themselves limit their own thinking by accepting only one way of thought, only one goal to build towards; though it be a subjective goal of knowledge, they themselves accept it as a true path).

On to the subjectivity of one’s path; there are skills and talents that one possesses that makes him true (unique) in creation; there is something only he himself can achieve, and that is why he bears his own name. There is a path only he can travel, and he must travel this path. Completion of a subjective goal is the objective goal; if this sounds like a self-fallacy, read on. As I have thought many a time, life is truly what you make it, yet to make the most for yourself and others, you must follow your calling; you must follow your soul, for if you lead it, you truly are a wanderer in the darkness. Use not the eyes of the body to travel through this life, as there are many shadows and many a night; the eyes of the soul are fixed only on one thing, and this intention will not waver by distractions. The soul cannot be directed, as it is you, and you are it, and no mind of man can traverse the ways of the spirit, for the spirit constitutes the mind, and without it, the mind is left astray. The mind, however, is the most deceitful entity on our realm of existence because it can, and will, turn your physical presence against your soul, and you will walk down a path that the soul cannot travel.

The true path is one of total reliance; as in there is not only one traveler, though they are sparse, yet whether you traverse is completely reliant on your own personal ability to do so. You cannot force yourself to complete a path you cannot in your soul fathom; this is the path in which the subjective path will feed into, and we are much like a fish lost throughout various rivers, swimming downstream until we reach the river that will flow into the ocean. Perhaps this analogy is not completely accurate, as not all rivers lead to the ocean, but it provides an excellent visual for how and why the paths lead and intertwine with one another. You must decide in your heart (your true consciousness [not the soul; the soul is subconscious implicit processing]) that you will never stop walking down the path you have chosen; motivation is a spark, but if a fire relies solely on a spark, it will quickly be snuffed by the winds. You are the fire and the fan.

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Added on October 14, 2016
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Bryan, TX

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