Shallow is the grave in which my heart has been hidden.
Slashed at by your lies and murdered.
Murdered by this deception you called love.
A merciless death of my very soul.
At the hands of your egotistical acts of cruelty.
Left within this shallow grave of sorrow and pain.
Hopeless wounds that will never heal bleed worse.
Bleed with every lie, every broken promise, and every "I love you".
Words that mean nothing to me now since the passing of my heart.
Darkness remains in its contemptible place.
Still you torment me with your vacuous supply of what ifs'.
Leave me to my grave speak to me no more you murderous deceiver.
Let me alone to someday see light.
An end to self-hatred you have filled me with.
Torture this heart no more so that I may rest.
Rest within the shallow grave you have buried me in.

Stephanie Jean McCants