A Poem by Nicole Schuster

for those who are viewed as less than their accomplishments

a shattered eggshell
because my sanity used to be that fragile
a pane of glass
because my soul used to be that thin
a scrap of paper
because my heart used to tear that easily

but this is past 
i'm better now
not fixed
but better

so why
does everyone still tread so 
why do they watch their 
their words? 

are they that sure i'll crumble? 
do they think i'm that fragile?
am i really so weak?

their caution 
makes me unsure of 
and any stability i have in my mind

if that's what they see 
is that what i am? 
a frayed thread
a cracked mirror
a timer
counting down
until my own 

when will they see 
my recovery
the person
i've finally started

how long will my past
my mistakes
my iscars
be all that 

© 2019 Nicole Schuster

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This is so personable and lived in. A poetry of searching, to find oneself and be strong in the face of judgement and misunderstanding.Trying to be understood, preferring dignity to compassion. Such strong command of language, with clear metaphor and flow as natural as breathing. Well done!!

Posted 1 Year Ago

' .. are they that sure i'll crumble? - do they think i'm that fragile? - am i really so weak? ; NO!

Thiis is such a rambling, raw and wonderful piece of writing, Nicole. Life and everything it contains, people and actions, seem to threaten you whatever, wherever and however. How sad is that. But, I wonder, are the fragile shells etc' sometimes due to our own doubts?

Surely anyone who has the power and confidence to write such an extraordinary poem can and will survive. Perhaps there's a mirror hanging/standing somewhere ready to smile out at you - think there is.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on April 11, 2019
Last Updated on April 11, 2019


Nicole Schuster
Nicole Schuster


What if I'm exactly as dangerous as I think we all have the potential to be? more..


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