isolated lovers like isolated feathers

isolated lovers like isolated feathers

A Chapter by lina hestia

a short story in which we encounter the loneliness of empty streets and the tears of the sky.


the tears of the isolated sky fall slowly; yet as fast as lovers; on the delicately sculpted glass and the shaky window panes. the clouds are torn apart into a thousand pieces, like my heart that once used to occupy the loving, welcoming hole in the middle of my chest; right beneath my jail-like ribs. a chewed-up, half run out pen had been rooted within my hands. the single white page ripped out of the black, hard-cover book that lay right in front of me had been drained of all its energy. one word is scrawled on messily in black ink over and over again; tears of ink are dropped like fallen angels on the pure pages; crosses and scribbles were placed hauntingly above every written copy of the word. and all i can think of is the smoke slowly trickling down my trachea making their way to my lungs, only to be tenderly hugged tight by my bronchioles that are just as naive to the demon they were allowing to enter their world -like me with you. like us. yet they cherish it like a gift given by the gods; by the nature; by the sun. oh oh oh. and I tried to write over the words but all i got were red smudges on crumpled paper and tormenting memories in the tired, worn out mind that lay inside my selfless skull (memories which seemed to be embedded within my poor soulless brain as if carved with knives). oh, oh, oh. what a waste. oh, oh, oh. what a shame. 

© 2014 lina hestia

Author's Note

lina hestia
hey please do point out and grammar problems if you see any and the no capitalization is done on purpose :-)

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Nice analogies. I specifically like the line "Memories which seemed to be embedded within my poor soulless brain as if carved with knives". I can see most of what you've given to the reader on terms of description. Good job.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I like it. It's deep, very detailed and leaves a lot to the imagination.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on August 29, 2014
Last Updated on August 29, 2014
Tags: isolated, lonely, heartbreak, loss, sadness