Chapter 2- Dark Matter

Chapter 2- Dark Matter

A Chapter by skyelight


Chapter 2- Jace


Jace couldn't take his eyes off her.


"Okay kid," Wolf said, pulling Jace over to him, "Here are the rules- Scratch that. There are no rules. Pretty much you have fifteen minutes from when the clock starts to knock your opponent out- that means, unconscious, out, or until they say ' uncle'. You hear me? 'Ey- kid,"


Wolf smacked him upside the head, "Pay attention."


Wolf waited until he had most of Jace's attention before continuing. "Now, unfortunately for you they put you against Marx."




" Because you overly hormonal teenager, Calli Marx is the Power Training Champion- undefeated. You are going to get the holy crap beaten out of you."


Jace glanced over at the topic of discussion. She stood on the side of the arena, away from them, stretching leisurely. Her eyes flickered over to Jace and met his, surprise flashing through them. Jace felt a jolt of electricity run down his back. She bushed slightly and looked away.


He pulled his gaze unwillingly away and focused on what the older bay was saying. "Wait. What's so wrong with her? She doesn't look so bad."


Actually she looks perfect ,he thought. His eyes darted back over to her.


Wolf made an unappreciative noise in the back of his throat. "Cubs, " he muttered. "Only on thing on their scattered little brains." He sighed. " Jeesh, you're slow. Okay. So Marx came here a little over five years ago in the same fashion you did- no memory and cops on her tail."


Jace looked back at him in surprise- Wolf had succeeded in capturing his full attention. She had no memory either? He leaned forward to catch the shapeshifter's next words.


"Yeah. Well, the professor did the same thing he's doing now; he put her through Power Training the first couple of hours after she got here. Quite a skinny little thing to be honest. Didn't say much for a twelve year old. " Wolf frowned. " Imagine my surprise whe I take her down here and find a Level Four waiting for her. A Level Four! Apparently the Seekers had gotten in  a word to the professor that this little pup was going to be pret-ty powerful. You still with me here?


"So he puts Marx in the ring with a Wilder two years older with a hellofalot more training. Four minutes into the clock and that Wilder she was fighting? The girl was begging to be let out. Marx barely lifted a finger. Ever since then, that girl has never been beaten."


Jace looked over at Calli who studied him through slitted eyes and swallowed.


Wolf laughed." Not as sweet as she looks, is she?"


 A loud bell sounded throughout the stadium, cutting off Jace's reply. He looked for the source but all he could see was the dome's protective barrier. A holographic timer floated above their heads, the watched stopped at fifteen minutes and zero seconds. A deep voice spoke from beyond the dome, it's voice resonating off the walls and vibrating through the sand under Jace's feet.


Jace recognized it instantly." Welcome, students, professors, and champions to the St. Marcus Power Training Elective," Maxwell began.


Wolf tugged on his sleeve, his voice low in Jace's ear." Alrighty, kid. Here's the deal. I've been watching Marx play for years and I'm gonna give you a one up on this one-"


"- and let this be a reminder that Power Training is not a game, but a chance-"


"So here's what you want to do. Marx is going to use her power to knock you down. Repeatedly. Word to the wise- when she knocks you down, stay down. Marx is a bit like an alpha wolf; if you keep getting up, she's gonna take it like a challenge and it'll just get worse from there."

"-remind everyone this is not a fight to the death-"

"-So do not get up," Wolf growled in his ear," Chances are she'll just knock you around a little bit, being new and helpless and all."

"Prepare yourselves, champions." the professor warned. Jace felt his stomach hit the floor. Wolf thumped him on the back.

"Good luck, kid. Try not to get yourself killed."

"Thanks," Jace said." Very inspiring."

The Shifter shrugged. "To much paper work. Plus, I like you. You've got spunk."

Jace shot him an incredulous look. The Wilder moved towards the doors.

"Wait!" Jace yelled, panicked." What the hell am I suppose to do now?"

The look wolf threw him was one of half-pity, half-amusement." You'll do fine. Just remember what I told you and you'll do fine." And then he was gone, the great oak doors slamming shut behind him.

Jace stared after him.

"-and may the best Wilder win! Begin!"

The clock started.






Silence. Taking a deep breath, Jace turned to face his opponent.

she wore faded jeans, black boots, and a simple black draw-string hoodie. Her hair was lush, long, and golden blonde, the loose ringlets tied in a messy pony-tail that fell over one shoulder. She wore no make-up, like she was trying not to draw attention to herself. It obviously didn't work. This girl was seriously pretty. Gorgeous, even.

  Her eyes seemed to change colors like a kaleidoscope- brown, green, blue, gray- as she studied him, her mouth curved slightly down. Jace ran an uncertain hand through his hair, caught off-guard by the effect this strange girl was having on him. Neither of them moved.

We're suppose to be fighting, a part of Jace thought, mentally going over what Wolf had told him. this girl was suppose to be all-powerful. So why was she standing there, watching him with those hypnotic eyes? Another, most likely suicidal, part of Jace thought what the hell and took a step forward.

He held out a hand." Hi, I'm-"

The ice broke.

Calli rolled her eyes and flicked a wrist at him. Jace was immediately thrown off his feet and slammed into the nearest arena wall thirty feet behind him. He lay there, stunned, and could practically hear the collective gasp from the audience above him. He rolled onto his stomach, trying to catch his breathe when he suddenly flew sideways, flipping mid-air, hitting the wall to his left with a yell.

Jace rolled onto his knees, panting. This was what he had to go through for the next fifteen minutes? Jace almost preferred Traveling. No wonder that Wilder had begged to be let out; only stubborn pride kept him from doing the same. He felt like he'd been hit with a truck. Repeatedly.

Jace jerked sideways suddenly, plowing into the opposite wall, shoulder-first. Rolling onto his stomach, groaning and swearing under his breathe as he did so. He winced, pain radiating through his arms and back, shoulders and ribs. He was going to bruise for sure.

The clock read eleven minutes.

Pulling himself to his knees, Jace forced himself upright. He could practically hear Wolf's groan as he did so. Infact, he probably did the worst thing imaginable: he yelled at her.

"Hey!" She hadn't been really paying attention before and looked up in surprise. Telekinetic, Jace thought, not sure where the word had come from, She can move things- and people- with her mind. She had to be pretty darn powerful if she could throw Jace around like nothing.



© 2013 skyelight

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