Sophomore Slump: Poetry of love and life

Sophomore Slump: Poetry of love and life

A Poem by Skylar Lykes

This is the birth of my discovery of poetry whilst in the storm of my greater emotions.

Hi, my name is Skylar Lykes, many of my friends know me by my real name Sharqueze Skinner. Why the change? I just don't like my name and Skylar is the name of a protagonist of a story I am writing, just call it committed to the character. This is my short poetry collection Sophomore Slump: Poetry of love and life.  
  My main inspiration as a poet was Fall Out Boy's leading man Pete Wentz. Pete is a lyrical mastermind in my opinion and is undoubtedly in love with the dark metaphor. His bands music grew on me, touched me even, so I set out to express my feelings of... of course a girl and this was the beginning of Sophomore Slump. 


In Present day
at make or break
they all want
the hottest flame
and the quickest speed
but I've seen into the crystal ball
and seen them all
staring at a rose
beautiful on the inside and out
if there was such a thing as perfection
then it would be you.

Me, Diana, and Mary, a love triangle and I'm the pinnacle. I'm never going to camp again.

Went to camp and fell in "love lake"

Take a look at me,
a heart breaker and home devourer 
giving birth to conceitedness with no more than troubled thoughts
stabbing the back of my journey to what god calls happiness in the form of love , fun, or controversy
take your pick
handing out poisons of kisses , stealing the breath that contained your love
leaving you in a daze
shut my eyes and let you dream
about how what we built morphs into a Chicago street cat
not because of how we always land on our feet but because how hormonal testament murdered us nine times before we died
wipe my tears 

and hand me a rose
as i sing the sad blues of what used to be our love.

Post cards from the afterlife

The essence of alcohol 
raised voices of parents heard through compounds and complexes 
leaves mom raged threats of no longer depressed 
how i cut my self with that razor called love but was unloved 
and to bring justice to the unjust 
slumbered me a nightmare 
that I wouldn't 
dare share 
with nothing more than drugs to ease my mind
to cloud the fact of being the last of my kind
why not burn my bridge 
knowing that I'm just gonna fall anyway 
cut the rope and watch me fade away 
but i gladly send you post cards from the afterlife 
let lightning strike 
to remind you of how we cant have peace without grief 
feel my breath on the back of your neck 
whispers of the last words you said to me.

Broke me so build me

I am a descendant from god no different from anyone else
yet I am the great persian monster
xerxes broke me
because of the demons who haunt me and the Me’s who hated me
but I can't
because I’m south of heaven, north of hell, but hell it still feels like hell
just trying to climb my way out of hell
but it feels like up is down and down is up
so will I still end up in the devils den
or reciprocal
will I dine amongst the angels
be light as a feather, let the wind blow and I hit that someone's heart
make them smile, make them laugh, make them love again
Will I...
Can I...
She’s my Bonnie as I’m clyde, we have a job to hold a heist at the first national bank of LUV
looking to snatch that heart shaped ruby I bought her for her birthday
Maybe to pawn it for something we once had
or maybe I’ll give it to God and in return he will give me something of equivalent exchange
like to hold her hand one more time or kiss her lips one more time
or to one more time say that you are mine and I am yours
You’re a david kid you got a long road ahead of you
so pack your bags and sing a tune like
♪The way you are♪


Ghost Walking

Act 1: The Rage

Don’t call me
Don’t text me
Don’t look at me
Your sick and I’m your cancer
If you must know I am very dead inside
just shoot me ( right in the heart ) because I’m tired of the w***e named love
Love is just some conceived excuse to believe that someone actually cares about you
why would I ever think that I could coexist with anything other than my own thoughts
those thoughts in which you will never understand
Your thoughts define your actions
Your actions define your character
You will never understand me
I live a life where loving is a crime
well officer don’t arrest me because I will never love again
my heart is a delicate piece of me and I would like it back
and a blueprint would be nice because I don't know who I am
or who I was before you
I’m crushed , and I loved you, but my heart is into a thousand pieces
I will never be the same again
and when my next partner ask me what’s wrong I will have to tell her...

“ I have Mary tattooed across my heart. I will never love you the way I loved her,

and quite frankly I wouldn't want to because Love only births Pain.

But if you enjoy the ecstasy that transfers between us then fine …


Act 2: Ironic Serenity

This is not poker I can't call your bluff and ante up
but I fold
and let you take the pot you could make better use of than I could
I’m dead; but you, you still have a life ahead of you
If you ever see me it’s not me , you killed me ( with my own knife of course )
have you ever imagined a body without a soul
thats me, soulless
though my body may walk the earth, I’m dead
the fight out of my eyes
until the day my body decides to stop ghost walking across this empty countryside.
Though I said I would never love again, and that I should be confined to just my thoughts I have realized my weakness, a flaw of mine that will tare at me until I am nothing more. WOMEN. Mary may have been escaping my mind but someone else just had to occupy it. 


Often the un-explainable  happens within my dreams 
so Cobb kick me now
because her deep brown eyes go on for miles and miles 
and I could stare into them until hypnotized
or am I now
because I have admired them for so long 
and I am entranced by her never ending beauty
but for how long has she had me under her spell 
because for every word she speaks my heart skips a beat
and for every smile she draws my words withdraw 
If the Mona Lisa was true art then pity that Davincci  did not live to see Lisa Weaver 
oh how I hope to one day win the heart of such an amazing girl 
but it's only hope
and that's all a man can have at the end of the day 

Well we have reached the end of this poetic journey and I thought that most fitting way to close this whatchamacallit* was not with anger, depression, infatuation nor love but with a realization about life as it applies to me...

I didn't think that was word but apparently it is.


Life is like a game of poker
we all are delt cards, some better than others
but that doesn’t really matter now does it
because no matter what cards you have, you take the pot on the river
why waste your life checking and folding, this is your only chance at the table 
you either win or you lose 
there is no in between
there is no purgatory in the game of poker
like any good player in the game you will have to go all in
they will try to call your bluff but you wear no poker face 
that is the stare of confidence in the face of adversity 
he will look you strait in the eyes, and this is when we find the true nature of a man
is he confident, cocky, greedy, or just plain dumb to take you on
it will come; The river, the turn, and the flop, like a well told epic 
You may not win the pot but you would have left the table with something much greater...
more than that of the other players that just folded
life is like a well played game of poker 
it is you versus me, and the world’s the dealer
the house will always win 
So why not go all in?

I thank you for taking the time to read my first and maybe my last poetry collection. Don't be afraid to help me grow as a writer with constructive criticism. If you like my work then please comment, write a review, rate, and send me a friend request on 

- Skylar Lykes

© 2012 Skylar Lykes

Author's Note

Skylar Lykes
I would love to hear what you all have to say about it, hope you like it. Feel free to critique... constructively.

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You are a very good writer. The poem got stronger with the addition of more history and interesting situations. I like the set-up of the story. Each part adding to the story. I like the anger and directness of the main character. Life give us opportunity to go to many places. Some are not good. A outstanding poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I really like you're writing. It really inspires me.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Skylar Lykes

9 Years Ago

Thank you.
You are a very good writer. The poem got stronger with the addition of more history and interesting situations. I like the set-up of the story. Each part adding to the story. I like the anger and directness of the main character. Life give us opportunity to go to many places. Some are not good. A outstanding poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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