letter # 1

letter # 1

A Story by SlightlyOdd


I’ve never done this before and hopefully soon I won’t have to anymore. As I write this I am not sure if anyone besides me will read this. If you are reading this please don’t forget about it or if you do don’t let me know. It’s nice to at least think that someone might be listening sometimes.  I sometimes seem to be an outgoing person, but really I’m not. I think one day I’d like to be though.  

 When I write things down they sometimes come out all mixed up, jumbled. To be honest most of the time even I don’t understand what I mean.

I am not a social outcast, I even found a place where there are other people who can make me stop thinking in the way I sometimes do. The way that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Now that I’ve written it down it makes almost no sense. I’m talking about those thoughts you know you shouldn’t be thinking because they’ll only take you to places that make you feel the empty kind of cold, the kind that makes you want to shiver, in the bad way.

I have friends and they’re nice but, I feel if I exposed the cold it would infect the friendship. They really are very nice people. I just can’t bring myself to become as close to them as I want to. I think lately I’ve been pushing them away, but I’m not entirely sure. They are sarcastic a******s, or at least they’d like to think they are.

 I won’t give you their real names but I really want to talk about them so they’ll get “made-up-names” or aliases because that sounds much better than “made-up-names”. Sally is one of the nicest people I know despite the fact that she will never admit that to anyone. Sometimes I think even she doesn’t know. Sometimes this makes me sad but, most of the time I just ignore it. She tries really hard in everything, she also feels stupid most of the time because she is the one of the few people brave enough to ask questions in class. She always blames herself first if possible, and to be honest it is really funny when she is angry. She is a big goof-ball. She is a good dancer, one of the best at funny faces and knows a lot of musicals by heart and has been in several of them. She is very talented. She crèches, has some of the nicest handwriting I’ve ever seen, is a very talented artist, and a wealth of good humor.  

Another one of my friends is Karen she is very intelligent and wanted to be a diplomat, but now she wants to be a general diagnostic medical practitioner or something similar to that. It is because she wants to see everything, this is also true of the world for her. That’s why she wanted to be diplomat originally. She currently speaks Spanish, Russian, French, Latin, Greek, and Sindarin. (The elven language in Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien) Her sense of self-worth is very much so tied in with her self-perceived intelligence. She is very hard on herself and hides her emotions even from herself. The way she does this is sort of weird though. She analyzes them until they are very distant from her and then she turns around and analyses that until they are very far away. Sometimes In quiet moments when she gets that look that lets you know someone is very far away I wonder what will happen when it comes racing back like a rubber-band being pulled backwards. She seems to ease the tension by writing them. I think it’s really there you’ll see the pieces of Karen.

There is also Jason, most of the time I’m not quite sure what to think of him. He is brilliant but most of the time he doesn’t care enough for that to reflect. He gets people of topic and is often time obtuse simply for the purpose of being obtuse. I’m pretty sure it amuses him. He’s very good at anything he’d really put effort into, which isn’t much. He is however very fun argue with, wellspring of random knowledge. He is generally violent and abusive but that’s mostly to his guy friends. There is also a rumor that he and his friend The Spaniard or the Commi as he is often called at school are in a relationship. It is really fun to bring this up.

Let me clarify, we don’t dislike him and he’s not picked on, at my school we as a student body to be as politically incorrect as possible. Hence the generally offensive nicknames.  

The Commi surprisingly enough is a Marxist and on a political compass test was further left than Stalin but on the libertarian side of the graph. He has an obsession with chameleons and is close friends with another one of my friends Rae.

Rae is nice and very fiery and impassioned. She has some kind of bone or joint disorder but she apparently used to be a dancer and a really good one at that. She says she hates everyone but isn’t mean to anyone at least not so far as I’ve seen. She likes to freak strangers out because it is entertaining, quite frankly I agree. She is a very sad person but I think she is genuinely happy, or at least I hope she is she deserves to be.

Then there is Sally’s boyfriend Brad. He’s nice, he has gotten less… pessimistic, but he hasn’t gotten more optimistic. He is also very sarcastic and really just very similar to sally but he seems more comfortable with himself and less serious which is good because she needs that. I have a lot of other people who I was once close with and other people who I just sort of listen to. It’s remarkable how much people can talk around something, filling in the lines without ever showing you the entire thing, or really ever getting to the point. Which is what I just did didn’t I.

I hope you’ll forgive me.



© 2014 SlightlyOdd

Author's Note

A work of fiction, and not proof-read sorry.

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I love this letter. It's very nice and I love this sentence "I have friends and they’re nice but, I feel if I exposed the cold it would infect the friendship."
So relatable!!

Excellent job!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Thanks for reading and reviewing. I'm really happy that you can relate, I tried something new and I'.. read more
I love the form of the letter, a kind of writing that has for hundreds of years dominated literature. My first brief scan here found lots to like !

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Thanks for reading and reviewing I'm glad you found a lot to like. I just thought I'd try my hand a.. read more

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