At the park

At the park

A Story by SlightlyOdd

It was warm, it was summer. Her hair was pale and brown. It made me want to say silly things and it made my heart spin. So I thought, it makes me nervous, it makes my cheeks heat up, my chest stiffen, it makes my heart race. That must mean I hate her. So I avoided you on the playground, whenever you spoke to me my heart was in my head. It was loud so, very loud I thought that you might hear it. So I shouted at you to go away. Then I saw this made you very sad. With some confusion I found I felt very, very bad. That simply did not make any sense, but I left flowers in your cubby when no one was there. They made me happy so I thought they might make you happy too. I started to tell my mom about you. At first she was happy. I didn't have many friends, but then it made her uncomfortable. I didn't quite know why. Later we became friends and I stopped needing to put flowers in your cubby to make you smile. I didn't quite understand back then. I stopped talking to my mom about you. Then it was cool it was fall, we were in the fifth grade. We played hopscotch and made castles in the sand. Your eyes were pale and green like summer but they never forgot the fall, it was just flecks of yellow like dusk on the edges. We would ride our bikes with Jenna and Liam. In Sixth grade I told you that I liked you and you said you liked me too, but you didn't quite understand.

© 2014 SlightlyOdd

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Poet at heart. Romantic by nature. Nature the style. Styled by experiences. Experience this world that is my mind...

Author's Note

This is a very, rough draft.

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Innocence, that's what came in my mind after reading your story. But, a good use of words.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

And you did a good job indeed!

6 Years Ago

Thank you very much, it makes me really happy you feel that way.

6 Years Ago

:) my pleasure!

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Added on April 21, 2014
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