A Poem by SlightlyOdd


in dreams he never remembers

he can breathe

and in these dreams

he meets the wind

and it follows him

He wakes up alone in his head

and it follows him

he sees himself behind his eyelids

and it never goes away

because he doesn't match

no matter how low the bar

no matter what

he's not enough

not for him

certainly not for me or you or them 

and he stares at sky and he dreams

he wishes

at the stars shining brightly like eyes in the dark

sometimes so brightly they burn only like ice can

at the moon genteel and bright

but far too far for comfort and far too cold regardless.

so he stares at the moon

and screams at the stars 

and hides from the sun

he wonders why

no one notices his shadow

that it's just the face that he wears

and it would bring him to tears

but it's egotistical to think

that no one cares

The surface quivers when the storm gets bad

but it never really goes away

and he shows everyone

as close as he can possibly get

as close as he can being just him

the image in his eyes

and the dreams are not like stars

and he will not cry

so he closes his eyes

and wishes but dares not

because it's of no consequence

the silence is safe

because if he speaks

and no one is left and who he is

is revealed to not be who he would like to be

then there really is no one

so who he is

is just alone

just who he is

and it's not alright

because the silence means more than words

more than pictures

more that life because it's the spaces in-between

how many moments

it is more than anything I can pitifully express

so he whispers to the shadow

"Breathe in"

and it's all there is


"breathe out"


© 2014 SlightlyOdd

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he is not alone, not when he has words like these

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

thank you for reading and reviewing. I really appreciate it!

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A Poem by SlightlyOdd