Soft is The Water

Soft is The Water

A Poem by Chance Sky

I often get my inspiration to write poems from music. I take a song line that I can't figure out the words to. For example I heard "soft is the water" when the real lyrics were "cold is the winter"


Soft is the water,

Gentle is the rain,

That falls on our shoulders,

And rolls off our skin.

Warm is the sun,

That brightens your smile,

That makes everything seem good,

Even for a while.

With fake blue skies,

And false summer nights,

Whispered promises of magical moments,

Lithe lies behind closed eyes,

But smile and everything will seem good,

Even for a while.

Light is the touch,

Loving is the kiss,

You lay across my cheek,

The coming winter nights seem bleak,

The facade starting to look weak,

Infatuation loosing it's appeal,

Love is hard to portray when it's not real,

But just smile and everything will seem good,

Even for a while.

The heart beats fake blood,

And the lips give false thoughts,

Strings pulled and bonds soon to be cut,

But looking for the words to confess,

Is hard when courage in not reliable,

And words and thoughts grow feeble.

Fresh is the mark,

That lays across my cheek,

Hot is the tear,

That makes me feel weak.

Betrayal goes best with heartache,

Deception and love go hand in hand,

Lies always lead to someone's demise.

But keep smiling and everything will seem good,

Even for a while.

Suitcases lay packed by the front door,

Tears can't seem to fall anymore,

It's hard to look back and see,

How everything was once happy,

But it is all just a wayward dream.

Harsh are the words,

That courage has finally granted you to speak,

Deafening is the slam of the front door,

A gunshot ripping through already weathered hearts.

When questions are asked about the bruises and where he went,

Lies are often audible.

But just smile and everything will seem good,

Even for a while.

© 2013 Chance Sky

Author's Note

Chance Sky
I know the end is weak and so are some other bits here and there. Grammar and spelling are probably an issue somewhere I'm sure. But feel free to critique nonetheless. I'd love to hear what you have to say!

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Added on February 3, 2013
Last Updated on February 3, 2013
Tags: abuse, infatuation, lies, love, lust, pretend, betrayal, hurt, leaving, left, gone, alone


Chance Sky
Chance Sky


Ahh I'm bad at these things, I find I always get off topic and ramble endlessly. So for your sake and to lessen my embarrassment I will try and keep this short and sweet. My name is Chance Sky, yes .. more..