Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Sam

We had been on the road a total of ten minutes, when Kerri decided she needed to go to the bathroom.

“Really?! Now?!” I groan and roll my eyes, “your like a little kid Kerri,” Kerri throws me a look then climbs out of Liam’s Porsche as we pull into the gas station. “Ok You wanna tell me whats going on?” I turn myself towards Liam.

“Its complicated,” Liam shrugs and fiddles with something on the dashboard.

“Just tell me part of it,” I look at the profile of his face. He was attractive.

“Your not ready,” He faces me, and his golden eyes lock with mine. “Believe me, you’ll know when your ready.”

“What do you mean?” He starts to answer, when Kerri steps back into the car.

“Buckle up,” Liam glances back at Kerri, who follows the command. Kerri flutters her eye lashes and lets out a timid giggle- Liam clenches his jaw. I roll my eyes and slump in my seat. Something twinges at my heart- jealousy?! It couldn’t be, i didn’t care about Liam I just wanted to know about the elevator. Thats what it is, I think, Kerri’s just in the way of finding out about the elevator. I try to shake off the unsettled feelings and focus back on Liam.

“Tell me,” I watch as he throws me a look and remains silent, “Just the name?”I plead, feeling a tiny bit of hope bounce around my chest. Liam doesn’t say anything, contemplating his answer.


“FAPTL?That means absolutely nothing to me.” I glance at his white knuckled grip on the steering wheel. “At least tell me where we are going,”

“Somewhere where i can get you alone,”

“Let me out,”  I yelp.

“Oh my god!” Liam slowed the car and pulled to a stop on the side of the road. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean that to sound like that,”

“Well it did,” I start to open my door.

“Please!” Liam catches my wrist and turns me to face him. “Can we just talk?” 

“I’m listening,” I fold my arms, watching him with narrow eyes as he leads me to the edge of the woods.

“I don’t want Kerri to hear,” He looks into my eyes, and for the first time i can actually see what color they are. “You’re going to think i’m crazy,” He mutters pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Yesterday you saved me from being crushed by an elevator, i think that ship has sailed.” Liam shakes his head and mumbles a couple curse words. 

“This isn’t how i wanted to tell you this,” He stares at his shoes then looks at me.

“Then how did you Liam?! By luring me into your car with some puppies and candy? By kidnapping me? Because you kind of already did that.”

“I didn’t kidnap you,” He runs his fingers through his hair. “Ok, promise me you’ll try to listen to what i’m about to say,” I don’t respond, “Fine. You can time travel.” I snort and turn on my heel to walk away. He quickly catches up to me and stands in my path, “I’m serious!”
“Oh really? Really? I can time travel. Thats complete ridiculous.” I stare at him for a couple of minutes, “You actually think this crap is true, don’t you?” 

“I know it is,” He whispers.

“OHMYGOD!” I groan I had driven half a day with a CRAZY person. “Time travel? You have GOT to be kidding me,” 

“I can prove it.” He starts.

“Take me home,” I fold my arms and rest my weight on my left foot. 

“but,” He tries again.

“TAKE ME HOME D****T!” I yell. “For once i wish guys would just tell the truth,”  I clench my jaw and stomp back to Kerri, who is still in the back of Liam’s Porsche. “Get out,” I snap, Kerri giving me a bewildered look.

“What? Did mr. i’msosexy piss you off,” She begins one of her taunting sessions with her annoying little baby voice. “Awwww. I’m Avery, and this weelly cute boy is interested in me but i’m too good for sexy  guys,” She bursts into a small fit of giggles. I slap her with my purse,

“St--- wait what?!” I glance at her pouty face, “Just call us a cab.” Liam walks toward us, and i can tell by his face he’s not happy. 

“Give me the phone.” Kerri giggles and starts to hand it over.

“Don’t! Are you kidding me?” Kerri looks between the both of us. 

“I’ll let you and Delicious work it out.” I roll my eyes, and turn to Liam.

“Time travel?!” I hiss making sure Kerri’s in the car.

“Give me five minutes to prove it to you.” He lets me think for a moment.

“Five minutes- not a minute more,” I fold my arms, and wait for instructions. 

“Whats your favorite time period?”

“Uhh.... I don’t know.” I feel my patience wearing thin.

“Fine i know the perfect time,” Liam holds out his hand. Hesitantly I take it, and follow him into the woods. Liam pulls out a small ring, and slides it on my finger. I study it, and watch as he faces me. “Keep your mind blank so i can direct us.” He takes a deep breath and takes both my hands.  The air around us begins to rush, and i watch as a bluish light begins to seep from our finger tips. I gasp, but continue to keep my fingers intertwined with his. Suddenly the light begins to grow and it sears at my eyes. I scream, and feel my self growing limp.

- - -

I blink groggily finding Liam’s face inches above mine. My temple throbs and i start to sit up when my forehead bonks uncomfortably with Liam’s. I groan, and lay back down.

“The first time is always hard,” His eyes look concerned, but he doesn’t let it show in his voice. 

“No kidding.” gingerly i begin to inch my self up and look around. “Where are we?” 

“1995.” Then he glances at my expression, “June 11” 

“Holy crap!” I sit up much to fast and the room spins, “ Thats a - a”

“A day before you were born,” He smiles, and offers me a hand.

“What the--” I look around and realize I’m in some sort of hospital room, “ Is this,”

“St.Johns hospital?” I gasp, and immediately begin to feel tears well up in my eyes.

“Mom!” I choke out. I run to the door and glance out the hallway.

“Ave, wait!” Liam holds me back

“Where is she??! I have to see her,” I feel a huge knot form in my throat. “She is here. Right?” Liam nods slowly.

“Your mother could time travel too- so could your father. She’ll be expecting us.” I bite my lip trying to keep tears from leaking from my eyes. Liam wordlessly opens a door across the hall. 

“Avery?” A woman’s voice sounds from inside the dim room. “Avery? Is that you?” This time i couldn’t keep the tears that were silently rolling down my cheeks.

“Mom?” I manage to choke out, running to her side. Her belly is swollen, and i can tell baby me is going to be born soon. Sweat beads at her brow, and she turns on her side so she can squeeze me to her. 

“Oh sweetie,” She whispers, “I’m so sorry,” My tears are no longer silent. I’m flat out sobbing. “Liam told me that i don’t get to see you grow up,” She strokes my hair and wipes the tears from my chin. “ Look how big you are.” I can hear her voice quiver, “I can’t believe i don’t get to see it happen.” She presses a kiss to my hair, and lets me sit there sobbing in her arms. 

“I’ve missed you so much,” My voice is barely audible, and slurred by my tears. “There hasn’t been a day where i haven’t thought about you.” I bury my face in her shoulder, trying to erase the pain that i had endured the last 12 years. “I’ll be able to see you again right?” I begin to panic at the thought of leaving her again.

“Oh yes, “ Mom kisses me on my forehead and then looks up at Liam.”How soon till labor?”

“About an hour- its almost midnight,” Before he’d spoken i’d completely forgotten that he was there. “We should be leaving Ave.” Thats the second time! I think trying to keep the sudden realization from my face. Whats with the pet name? 

“Ave?” I say, Liam blushes and shrugs.

“It’s time to go Avery,” He holds the door open for me. I hug my mom in my arms, and will myself to let go. I look back at her as Liam closes the door. “Avery I--” I wrap my arms around him.

“Thank you,” he pats me on the shoulder, relaxing from statue, to almost a normal person. I realize the in formalness of my actions and step back. I feel my cheeks grow warm, no doubt blushing profusely. “all i meant was- i mean i just....” I feel my cheeks burn as i further embarrass myself.  

“You really love her huh?” Something flashes through Liam’s eyes, but i can’t quite make it out.

“We don’t have to go back quite yet right? I’d like to visit my old house, or something.”

“Sure,” Liam nods at the thought of it. A smile plays at his lips

“You think Kerri will be ok? Or should i call her?” I start to pull out my cell phone.

“You’d just call who has the phone number in this year. We’ll just have to assume she’ll be ok,” Liam grins slightly, “She's probably already hooked up with some guy.”

“Yeah, but we just left her on the side of the highway,” I think about it then add “besides we can always come back- lets just do something real quick.” 

“Like what?” Liam grins, and i feel my heart flutter. Stop it! I command my heart. 

“Well there was this really good ice cream place, but it closed when i was like four. We could go there.” Liam smiles widely.

“I could go for ice cream. Lets do it, you can ask some more questions, you’ve probably got a million.” I grin, and then start to lead him into the direction of the ice cream parlor.

“Its about two minutes walk from here,” I hold out my hand so Liam doesn’t get lost on the busy sidewalks. He’s pretty much leading me though, its as if he knows where he’s going.

- - -

“Well, I think we can safely say that this is the best ice cream ever,” Liam grins wiping a small bit of chocolate ice cream that had dripped down my chin.

“Yes,” I mumble through a mouthful of chocolate fudge swirl. “I can’t believe how much i missed it,” I giggle at the sheer stupidity of my words, and take another huge bite of the waffle cone.

“Ave?” Liam glances at his watch and then back at me. He wipes some more chocolate off my face. “What happened?” He watches as i bite my lip.

“What do you mean?” I stare into the chocolate cone, trying to find some sort of comfort.

“With your mom,” Liam whispers. I flinch- even after all these years it was still a sore spot.  Especially since i just saw her. I bite my lip trying to hold back tears.

“uh,” I feel my voice go uneven. I get up, not the most polite thing to do, and throw a 5 dollar bill on the table. And then against my better judgement- i leave. When i’m far enough away from the parlor, i realize i’m standing in front of the hospital. I close my eyes, and then stare at the door. Watching as people come and go. Mothers holding babies in their arms. Old men helping their wives on the un-even pavement.

“Avery?” I can hear Liam behind me, though i don’t face him. I just clench my fists, and watch as another newborn walks through the moving doors. “ Avery I’m so sorry. I didn’t think it would be so painful. I just--- “ Liam puts his hand on my shoulder, his voice softening. “We can go if you want.” Liam holds out his hand, to take me back to our time. I don’t respond  I just take his hand, feeling the air rush around me. This time i don’t look into the light, i squeeze my eyes shut and think of my mother. How many times had i dreamed to see her again. Thats why when Liam asked me about her i couldn’t answer what happened- i didn’t know. 

© 2012 Sam

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Just so you know i used one bad word- sorry if i offended you :)

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