A Chapter by JENY

Exploring the norm of celibacy and weighing its efficacy against modern world


                     CELIBATE POWER EXTRA

      Celibacy is a beautiful norm. Many religious and social leaders have resorted to celibacy for various reasons. The intention behind celibate life was not always same. Preservation of sexual energy and sublimation of same to humanistic causes is the unwritten norm or common thread behind all kinds of celibate life. Some believe that celibacy is only a false hope which can never implemented by ordinary human beings born with blood and flesh. Only incarnation of gods can accomplish the feat of sublimating one’s sexual energy.

                     Whether it is possible or impossible, it is not easy to lead a celibate life in the modern world. Temptations are manifold which operate both from within and without. Still there are many in various religious sects who accomplish a successful celibate life. Isn’t this enough to substantiate that celibate life is not altogether an impossible thing?.

                          Everyday we read stories of aberrations of priests of various sects breaking their vows of celibacy in an abominable way. Stories of Christian priests indulging in unnatural way of satiating their sexual instincts like pedophilia saw the seeds of disbelief and doubts regarding the role of celibacy in the life of priests. Readers of these stories, all on a sudden decree that let them marry rather than causing indelible ignominy to the Christian community. They get dejected and dubious regarding their own spiritual life they have adopted being in the community.

                          But there are many in the same community who has transcended their sexual urges. So, instead of concluding that sex instinct can never be transcended or surpassed, we should rather have a realistic approach. Celibate Christ was a success not because he was son of God. Yes he was son of god, but at the same time he was a raw human being. Incidents of bible ratify it. As we analyze the celibate life of Christ we can see that, he came out of his secluded life only at 35. Till then he was learning. Historical studies claim that son of God has visited even Himalaya. It is his knowledge and wisdom acquired through 35 years of penance that made his celibacy a success in later life. This gave him the power even to live with prostitutes without losing himself.

                           Christian priests, who are the prototypes of Christ in heaven, should have in-depth knowledge regarding social, spiritual, biological aspects of celibate life. An overhauling of the process of selection and teaching of Christian priests is the need of the hour. The Christian seminaries follow the out dated methods of selection and training of priests. Those methods may be adequate in the spiritual sense. But they are inadequate as far as challenges a celibate priest would have to face in the modern world.

                             To put it in concrete terms, how many priests observing celibacy, know the role of a hormone called oxytocin  when some sexually charged emotions or thoughts enter into a human brain and the way this hormone affect their amygdala, a tiny part of the brain which plays a major role in our ability to discriminate right from wrong, as latest studies of neuroscience claims. Knowledge about the role of amygdala in our decision making is very crucial for a successful celibate life. Knowledge is power just as spirituality is. The knowledge about the way one’s own biology functions, the routes emotions are likely to tread, affects of changes in society which heralds sexual freedom, sexual revolution, rights of homosexuals rights prostitutes,in other words  sociology of sexuality… psychology of sexuality …all matters a lot to a celibate. A detailed study of such and such many things is very essential while preparing for a celibate life irrespective of cast and community.

                                          Sex is not a regulatory drive like hunger. No organism on the surface of earth has died due to deprivation of it. Ancient Indian culture and history is replete with exemplary saints who were successful celibates though there were exceptions like Viswamithra. In those days social ambience was more conducive and more appropriate for celibacy as there weren’t any invasions of western cultures and their ilk. But today it is entirely different.

                                 The other day I was listening to the discourse of Swami Sandeep Chaitanya on the Asianet channel about Bhagavat Geetha which heralded the message of dispassion and detachment for eternal happiness. But the advertisement that came in the beginning, middle and in the end of the programme was that of Musli power extra. While the celibate Swami sandeep talked volubly, we were reminded of the need of Musli power extra for the happiness of life as the brand ambassador of advertisement claims, taking out three couples who stood substantiating his claim. All the while these couples smiled as if in memory of their happiness.

  Bliss and happiness swami heralds, and happiness Musli power extra promises -- to choose between two, one needs extra preparation in the modern world.


© 2010 JENY

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