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In India supreme court verdict that pre-marital sex is an individual right raises a havoc among middle classed conservatives who value virginity of bride as most sacred in a married life



                            I was a fan of Tamil film star Kushboo. Of course now too, I have not lost interest in her charm. She is a great artist. And great artists are always so close to truths. It is one of the many traits of artists to have the courage to proclaim truths at the cost of anything including their reputation and life itself. I respect kushboo for her mettle. Yes it needs extraordinary courage to proclaim a truth regarding sex instinct by a ‘fair sex’ in Indian society where sex is still, more or less a taboo.

                What would have prompted Kushboo to be this much open, in such a way to defy conventional standards of scrupulousness, I wonder. I think it is nothing but the strength she derived from breaking those moral standards related to sex, that gave her the courage to express her views. Film world and her indulgence in it equipped her for this sort of ‘whistle bowling’. If she were in some other professions she could not have had the guts to make a public remark like this.

                     Once you break marital or pre marital rules you get the power to break it many times. Once starting trouble is over, it, the breaching, becomes a casual thing, perhaps a habit. Such act of breaking renders your mind into a state tantamount to that of a prostitute. A prostitute is a lady who feed herself upon the cravings of males. No sexologist can claim to be as savvy as her regarding the sociological aspects of sex. Ms Kushboo’s knowledge about sociological aspect of sex is equivalent to that of a prostitute.

                   If it was a prostitute who opined the same as Kushboo said, the Tamilians would not have paid any heed to it. It is just because words from celebrity will make deeper impact on the existing system it triggered a havoc.

                   India had a culture that deemed virginity as necessary part of bride’s character. This concept is being attacked by the so called sex revolution which is one of the after effects of evasion of western culture in the name of globalization. But I would like to consider it as a part of feminist revolution too. The empowerment of females helped them to challenge male supremacy. In her attempts for equality she knew that there is no word in any language that can be called to be an antonym of the word virgin. This may be one of the reasons to lose faith in a convention which insists brides should be virgins but not bride grooms.  

                      By making such a remark, Kushboo literally hurled a large mass of middle class parents into an imbroglio that is inexplicably painful. By doing so, she provided the growing generation, which is already against their parents in these matters, one more weapon to fight with, in the arena of generation gap. This results in gradual disruption of family system in India. Here, fight is between a norm which the holy books, like Bible, Qur-An, Ramayana, Mahabaratha,etc held in high esteem-virginity, and the western culture which intimidates virginity. In that sense the only doubt that remains in my mind is, that, to which book my fan, Kushboo adhere to for her spiritual guidance? Or, like prostitutes of modern   world, doesn’t she allow herself to follow any religion?

                          I do not rule out the fact that all these religious books say about prostitutes. They were there around us, from the beginning of civilization to this globalized world of today. All through ages they are being looked down upon by mankind. Why? It is only because they do not hide what they are. There are many in the present world who can hide the prostitute in them by pelf or power. Kushboo is one among the many. She hid herself in the sheen of silver screen.

                   By making such a public announcement of a truth that there are many who indulge in premarital sex, Kushboo unknowingly initiates the generations into prostitution. All are welcome to be prostitutes provided they must learn the art of prostitution by taking precautionary measures. So pre marital sex is not a problem, come and engage in it.

                  I am unmarried and a fan of Kushboo but I am religious too. So I cant follow Kushboo. What shall I do?

                I cant live without my religion. Can you help me?       

© 2010 JENY

Author's Note

In India supreme court verdict that pre-marital sex is an individual right raises a havoc among middle classed conservatives who value virginity of bride as most important and sacred in a married life. A film star named Kushboo is the first person who proclaimed it in public and controversy that ensued traveled till Supreme Court.

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You should do what you deem correct not the court not the books written by holy men but what you feel comfortable with.Sometimes its better to do what we want and hide the truth of it rather than face a public that has been brainwashed by the religious media.It is no ones business but your own

Posted 11 Years Ago

The world view can twist us up. I believe each of us must make our own decision. A woman is no less a virgin or not. You love a woman for her heart not for her sex organ. This world is changing. Woman and men at a young age want to taste life. I believe you need to save the good things for marriage. If we waste the joys of passion and desire. Life will become empty. This is hard even in the USA. Woman become confuse when all that is important is sex. We need friendship first. A friend is forever. Sex is just sport when it has no love.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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A Poem by JENY

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