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                                  TRUSTING TRANSPARENCY


               Transparency is a beautiful word that fit to description of a wide range of topics from transparency of clothes (concrete sense) to transparency of our own actions (abstract sense). This is an age where there is great demand for transparency. RTI(right to information) of India government is a conspicuous evidence for it.

                     The questions of ‘why’ and ‘how’ are on increase thanks to increase in the number of educated people in the modern society. Today’s educated generation is information oriented. The more information enters into their minds the more inquisitive we become. Because the cognitive paradigm of tribal wisdom had given way to a very complicated pattern of logical enquiry that always demands for tangible proof for everything around it. This ineluctable intellectual evolution is a truth that we all should accept about our environment.

                    Why nudity is adored voluptuously today more than bygone days? Sexual revolution brought about by tv and internet fuelled the curiosity of mass mind in such a way that transparency of dress of heroine is now a rule in Indian films rather than an exception for its success in box office. For the conveyance of the message of ‘attraction between opposite sexes’ to be effective heroine should expose her cleaves or curves of her waist or the pithiness of her thighs.

                        Lack of transparency creates so many problems in the modern world. People are getting more and more paranoid. It is because in the modern world there are innumerable ways to conceal one’s real intention behind his actions. It is not very much difficult for a husband to get on with extra marital affair nowadays. It is not difficult to conceal one’s selfish motives under the carpet of a social work. People have all these possibilities in their intellect while approaching various life situations. Present generation approaches individuals and situations in their daily life with more and more prejudices than previous generations. They are insecure. They are lethally fed up with premonitions about being cheated or exploited. It is not easy to establish trust.

                   The only area where lack of trust reaches its lethal level is in group work.  Nowadays I feel trust is becoming an endangered quality in group works and collective commitments. All other things like dishonest, backbiting, jealousy that expedite disruption of bonhomie of a group of individuals is only a by product of lack of trust. Each is suspicious of, afraid of his neighbor. How can any growth be possible in such an ambience?

                       Trust has one important characteristic. Once it is lost, it is nearly impossible to re-establish it. Trust between two individuals thrives on the backbone of honesty in their emotional, intellectual and material transactions. Honesty is the breath of trust. Once it is lost trust will be suffocated to death. And relationship will expire.

                          But nowadays, it is difficult to assure your honesty in front of a group of people because they are morbidly prejudiced, paranoid. So transparency of your actions is indispensable if you want to establish trust irrespective of the nature of your intentions. Your intention may be good. But, to win the trust you might be transparent to suffice the suspicious minds around you. Transparency of minor to major details of your action should be the nature of your actions to win the minds around you.


                      RTI is the result of irresistible suspiciousness of mass over the torch bearers of democracy of the nation. It is this obsessive need for clarification and transparency which make the people to swarm around and discuss again and again about various scams and rackets that Tv channels spit through live programmes without failing to frill them with exaggerating elements.

                               So no organization that guarantees trust through transparency for its individuals in their relationship with authority can progress towards its goals in this world. One must read the book of M.R.Covey titled THE SPEED OF TRUST. 

© 2010 JENY

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You made many points that are true and scary. In the USA it is the same. I like woman. But when I see woman. I see a mother, sister or daughter first. Even the kid's show sex and nudity is accepted. Sex is a part of life. One error. A baby is create. We must teach respect and cleanliness of the body. The world is scare. It is hard to state the truth today. In a room with many people. They don't want to know the truth. A outstanding story. I remember as a boy. Seeing a girl in a skirt was a treat.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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