Thank You

Thank You

A Poem by Taste of Insanity

this poem i wrote when i was listening to music and thinking about the relationships that served as a lesson in how not to get emotionally, mentally, and physically run over


Thanks you b*****s and hoes

You have taught me well

Thank you liars and skanks

You have taught me many tricks

Thank you cheats and phonies

I learned my lessons well

Thanks people of planet earth

Without you I would be worth dirt

You taught me well

I know much more now

Though the ride here wasn’t fun

I know how to lie and how to cheat

And how to just get by


I never thought I should thank you

That is until today

I realize that without you

I would never be on my way

To living life well and free from harm

My skin is so thick now

Check out my muscled arms

I’m strong now and proud

I’m full of promise

I’m out to make the world a little safer and just a little more nice

I’m out to find my calling

No more fight or flight


My life will be stable because of all I learned

And I’m super proud to say that I’m so happy that I’ve turned

In to a lady, full of wisdom

And now as a thank you to all you

B*****s, Hoes, Liars, Skanks, Cheats, and Phonies

I welcome you to my kingdom

Were you will be justly awarded for all your efforts

© 2011 Taste of Insanity

Author's Note

Taste of Insanity
this was a piece from months ago i have horrible writers block
please be horrible honest and review :)

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Added on December 29, 2011
Last Updated on December 29, 2011


Taste of Insanity
Taste of Insanity

Windsor, CT

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