A Story by snapjack

Jet, leader of his pack and owner of his forest, again meets Cait, his once lover, who has now betrayed him in an unforgivable way


A bullet whizzed by her ear, but her strength had grown to impeccable heights since I had last seen her. We ran through the forest that had once been our forest, but things have changed. I continued to aim and shoot, but she didn’t need her new strength and swiftness to know where I was shooting. She knew me. And it only made me angrier.

“You can’t kill me, Jet!” It was her voice. The voice that I knew. My heart stopped for a second to think that I was actually going to kill her. My hand loosened its grip on the gun, but I caught myself.

“You may not die, Cait, but you will regret living!” Jet screamed back. It killed me to look at her. Our hearts had beaten for each other once. How can this thing still be Cait? My Cait. My throat rumbled. I felt the urge to change. To feel the ground beneath my feet and chase an unwanted predator off of my land, but I refused to do that. I couldn’t succumb to stooping to its level. No matter how hard that was.

I shook the feelings off. Males don’t feel like this when there are priorities involved. I pushed harder into the ground. I took larger breaths and slowly exhaled. She wasn’t going to win.

Something white flashed out of the corner of my eye and I almost slipped on the wet leaves. I heard a soft hiss come from the blond in front of me and, before I could do anything, Cait flew sideways, a white wolf on top of her. Laine barred her teeth at Cait, which didn’t last long. Just as a few paces from the two competitive women, the white wolf was thrown in the air, landing hard on the ground. Laine yelped, but jerked up, hair standing on end and drool coming out of her mouth like a feral animal. Her ears were flat against her thick fur. 

I snarled at the wolf and she straightened up. Laine didn’t look at me like she was supposed to when I ordered her, but there was a lot that Laine didn’t do. Cait stood up and looked just as rabid as Laine looked. Her new teeth stood out like bugs against a sea of rose petals. The females stared at each other with such intensity that it roared through the woods like a silent bomb.

I straightened and purposely walked in the line of view, staring at Laine out of the corner of my eye, and since she didn’t obey me, I took joy in turning my back to her. I was only a few feet away from Cait and I was staring her in the eye. It took more effort to look away than it did to look. Every time she blinked, another page of me broke off. I had to look away.

When I finally did look somewhere else, I caught the sight of its face changing into one of her expressions.

“Jet,” Cait said in a pleading voice. I wrenched my glare into her direction and she closed her mouth. Her teeth were back in her mouth, but she still looked wrong. I couldn’t help but notice it.

“You are to never come back, Cait,” I said. Cait’s face changed abruptly. Her eyes started to form what looked like tears, but to me it was just stale, purified water.

“Jet, please,” Cait begged, choking on a sob. She walked to me so fast that if I were a normal human, I wouldn’t have seen it. I pulled back a few steps, but her fingers had already touched my chest. The tingling sensation of the tattoos vibrated through me like it did when a destined partner touched them. I growled at her, baring my still normal teeth. She looked shocked and almost pleased, but she didn’t move.

“You feel them still, don’t you?” Cait whispered. Laine growled from behind me and I turned around to her.

“Go!” I roared. My voice echoed so loud that I knew the rest of the pack had heard me. Laine cowered back and looked at Cait. A growl bubbled in my throat and I started to wrinkle my nose instinctively. “I said, GO!”

Laine flinched and took off at a fast speed, dirt and leaves kicking up with her paws. I rubbed the back of my neck and looked at Cait. This time she looked like the same Cait; blond hair that was wind ruffled and full of life. She looked at me with concern, but I ignored it.

“Cait, go,” I said, threateningly. She didn’t budge which only made me feel worse for treating her like Laine.

“I’m not leaving until you at least listen to me,” Cait said. I looked everywhere else except at her. Cait walked towards me and I gave her a threatening look, but she knew I wouldn’t do anything.

Cait squatted in front of me and stared up at me, begging me for acceptance.

“What do you want from me?” I asked and she looked like she was going to cry again.

“I want you to understand that this wasn’t my choice,” Cait replied. I opened my mouth, but she was suddenly in my face with her finger against my lips. “Please, listen to me! I didn’t have a choice, Jet! They took me! I don’t know what they’ve been planning, but I escaped!”

“How,” I growled against her warm finger. If it was a trick, I would hear the rest of them coming. It wouldn’t take long for the rest of the pack to come. She dropped her finger and looked at nothing in particular.

“They’re doing experiments, Jet. I’ve heard the screams of some of the other packs’ members. They’ve been kidnapping them and turning them. I don’t know why, but-”

“How did you escape,” I asked again, my patience growing thin. She looked back at me.

“There was a vampire. Some man that let me out along with several others. The other vampires weren’t there from what I saw. He…I don’t know, but there were so many members from other packs. I think his name was…Caleb?” Cait looked in my eyes, searching for some emotion that I clearly wasn’t giving her. She sighed and plopped on the ground, defeated.

“Of course you don’t believe me,” Cait said, looking at the ground. No. I didn’t believe her. How was I to believe a creature that was naturally meant to be my enemy? Even if that enemy was my best friend and lifetime partner. Used to be at least.

“Goodbye, Cait,” I mumbled and turned to walk away. She grabbed my arm, catching me off guard. Her grip had more pressure than it used to and wasn’t nearly as fast. I barred my teeth, but didn’t reveal them. I looked at her and she stared back at me.

“No, Jet,” Cait said. Her fangs began to elongate and I knew what she would do. I jerked out of her grip and backed up a little, ready to call the pack and change.

“I’m not trying to turn you, Jet, but I want you to listen to me!” Cait yelled, her sentence coming out a little strange with her new and improved teeth. “I’m still me!”

“I want to believe you Cait, but you know just as well as I do that I can’t just let you come back,” I snarled. “I don’t even know if you can change, for God’s sake.”

“I-” Cait started, but I quickly silenced her with a look. I didn’t want to hear that she couldn’t.

“You are no longer one of us, Cait. I don’t know what to do,” I said shaking my head. She started to open her mouth to speak, but she shut it. She was just as defeated as me. “If I wasn’t leader… I would take you back. Consequences or not, but I can’t trust you. Not with the lives of others involved.

Cait’s teeth were slowing going back into her gums. Tears were freely spilling down her face and the look that she gave me made me feel like I lost her again. Except this time I knew for sure that she would never come back.

Cait bit her bottom lip, which quivered furiously. She opened her mouth to speak, but quickly shut it, turned, and ran into the darkening forest. 

© 2011 snapjack

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A-MAZING!!! No joke and hands down the best story I have ever read. Trust me, I'm picky reader and it's hard for to finish a book. but, from the first sentence i was captivated by your story. It has the same werewolf vs. Vampire thing going on that most books have, now. And it reminded me a little of what conversation would happen between Bella and Jacob in Twilight. But, for me personally I liked this one way better. I felt bad for poor Jet, for having to turn down is true love because she was turned into a vampire. :(

you are a REALLY good writer, and I'm not just saying this to make you feel good. But, I'm saying this because it is true!!! I think you should drop the nursing jig and become an author. You are really good, I can't get over it!! I'm jealous :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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