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After finding Mary in a sector, Ben has to watch his secret tear her apart


“I know what you are!” I jumped at her voice which was shocking in itself since you’d think I would be used to it by now. She was practically growling at me. It had been three weeks since we found her unconscious in the cell. It had been two weeks, five days and six hours since she repetitively screamed out my secret. At least the whole hospital was knew about it now.

                “Jesus, Mary!” I gasped. She was tossing the needles away from her veins like they were snakes. She jerked the stickers from her chest. Bells starting dinging. A flat, monotone ring started from the inability to get a heart rate. I tried to restrain her, but she sucker punched me right in the nose.

                “What on Earth?” A nurse exclaimed. Doctors ran to the site, some snickering at my broken nose. It wasn’t the first time these past few weeks that she physically attacked me. The doctors and nurses restrained her to the bed, but she tried to fight them off.

                I stood back and watched. I couldn’t cry, but I sure as hell felt like it. She screamed so hard that I could hear the veins popping in her neck. I sat down in the chair, rested my elbows on my knees and held my head. Her screams echoed through my head like a cave. The noises not subsiding; just repeating over and over, bouncing off of the walls. I couldn’t hear the doctors anymore, who were trying to calm her down since she already had too many drugs in her system. I couldn’t hear the nurses arguing amongst themselves. I could only hear Mary.

                I looked over at her and her face was redder than a stop sign. Her eyes were squinted and she was raised up, trying to fight them off.

                She wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for me and my kind. I would still be lying to her if it wasn’t for my kind. She wouldn’t even know of my kind if it weren’t for me. I gripped the arms of the chair so hard that I could hear the polished wood breaking.

                I looked over at Mary and couldn’t help but feel rage toward my kind. Such rage that I couldn’t stand the thought of being in my own body. This delicate woman had been created into a scared monster. No. A scared woman who knows the truth about darkness.

                I don’t know where to look. The doctors injected her anyway with only a little bit of medicine. Mary’s protests became smaller and weaker until she was finally looking up at the ceiling. A teardrop formed in her eye, but didn’t fall.

                The doctors and nurses gave me sympathetic looks. I didn’t return them. I just stared at Mary. I didn’t realize I was biting on my finger until my fangs came out from the scent of blood.

                There wasn’t a reason to have taken her. I had heard about creatures of the dark being taken from their homes without a trace. We found them too, or at least some of them.

                Mary rolled her head over to me, the teardrop falling down her cheek. She smiled a genuine small. I knew it was the drugs kicking in, but I cherished it. She held out a shaking hand and I took it, pulling my chair up to the bed. I kissed the top of her palm to her wrist. I choked up when I felt her pulse beneath my lips. I thought I would never feel that pulse again.

                Mary closed her eyes. “Don’t let them get me, Ben,” she mumbled. I nodded.

                “I’ll never let them touch you, Mary,” I replied against her smooth wrist. Her fingers shakily touched my chin. Without opening her eyes, she continued to talk. Her voice was growing thinner and less intelligible.     

                “Don’t let…Ben…get….me.”

                I looked up at her sleeping face. I would have revenge. 

© 2011 snapjack

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Very emotional. You really play on the sense of hearing in this. It's good that you leave the reader to guess at Ben's 'kind' instead of outright saying it. I would definitely look for more from this piece with an ending like that. Great job.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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