A Chapter by snapjack

I held my mother’s hand while we walked briskly down the street.

“Where are we going?” I asked for what seemed like the hundredth time, my five year old voice so shrill and sincere. My mother didn’t look at me nor did she give me an answer. Instead, she peered nervously over her shoulder. She gasped and pulled me into a dark and narrow alleyway.

“Listen to me, Christyne,” my mother said, hastily. She squatted in front of me and looked me in the eye while grasping my small shoulders. Her brown hair fell in delicate waves around her face, making her seem like an angel.

“You must stay here and don’t move. Don’t talk to anyone, do you understand?” my mother asked. She hesitated as if weighing her options. Finally she spoke. “I’ll be right back.” Without having the chance to protest, my mother quickly stood up, kissed me on the head, and left me. She took a sharp left, back the way we came, and I started to cry.

If I went after her, she would be mad at me, but what if she didn’t come back for me? I looked around and thought I saw shadows moving. I cried so hard that I hiccuped.

I sat down on the ground, dirtying my tan pea coat. I wrapped my arms around my knees and sobbed. The sound of claws on pavement came to my ears and I quickly looked up to see a large dog a few yards from me. The dog looked at me curiously, but didn’t move from its spot.

I sniffled and held out my hand. The dog looked around and then, looking back in my general direction, sniffed the air. Finally, it slowly walked towards me and put its large head in my hand. I scratched its thick fur and the dog licked my face.

The creature had the strangest eyes, like gold with silver plating. The dog was male and had fur the color of dusty snow. I could tell that the dog wasn’t that old by the way that he smelled like a new puppy.

I hugged the large animal around the neck and, as if knowing what I was feeling, the animal laid its head on my shoulder in response.

“Don’t leave me, too,” I pleaded into the dog’s fur. I hadn’t realized that I had fallen asleep until I was being woken up by a boy handing me over to my father. He didn’t look much older than me, but when I looked at his eyes in my sleepy haze from my father’s arms, I could have sworn that his eyes were like gold with silver plating. The boy looked over at me, his gaze boring into mine. He was all legs and arms with long, shaggy light brown hair. He looked intense, but I wasn’t afraid of him.

“Thank you for bringing her to me,” my father said, sounding upset. “I don’t know what I would have done.”

“You’re welcome,” the boy replied, still looking at me.

Don’t forget me, Christyne. The boy’s voice was clear in my head. I sucked in my breath, but didn’t say anything. The boy blushed, looked at the floor then back at my father.

“Are you okay?” My father asked, looking down at me. I simply nodded and then looked at the boy. I didn’t know if the boy had really talked to me in my mind, but I answered him in the way that he asked me.

I won’t.

© 2011 snapjack

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I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!! That was the best thing I have read so far! I cannot wait for the first chapter keep it up!!
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A Chapter by snapjack