Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon

A Story by Lacy

A creature of the night. It turns as soon as the full moon rises. Something i didnt want to become.

Derek's face was in my head. His blue eyes staring at me. I thought to myself. I should have listen to Scott. I should have listen to him. To late to do that now. Derek was standing a few feet from me. He was laughing his cold hard laugh. It echoed in my ears. He said" Now Scott's not here to save you''. I thought about what he had said. I closed my eyes then open, and next i breathed out. I said" Scott I...", but never finshed my sentence. Because Scott came out of no were, and tackled Derek. Derek growled with fustration. Scott's brown eyes started changing to gold. He was tired of Derek. Trying to change me, but he would never let it happen. His vocie was in anger when he spoke "Never and i said never touch my sister again!!!!!, Stiles had came up right after Scott said that. Scott looked over his shoulder. His eyes we're already golden. He said" Stiles get her out of here'', as he teeth started to go into fangs. Stiles graved my arm, and raced to his Jeep. I got in and, strapped myself in the seat belt. When Stiles drives he drives crazy. When he is in the woods thoe. Stiles drove out of there like a tiger after a zebra. Stiles tore out of the woods onto the highway. Then he pulled up in my driveway. I unbuckled my seat belt. Then raced inside the house. Stiles was right behind me. He shut the door, and then he locked it. Next a knock on the door. Stiles looked threw the eye hole. He then unlocked the door, and let Scott in. Scott's eyes were still a little gold. His anger and gone out of him. Because he monitoned me to come to him. So i did what i was told to do. Then he wrapped his arms around me. He hugged me like he never had hugged me before. He then looked at me. He said" I'll do what ever it takes to keep you from being a moster...". he trailed off, and let me go. He walked to the door. He was about to leave to go do what he did about this time a day. He looked over his left shoulder and said" Like me''. Then he vanished as werewolf.

© 2012 Lacy

Author's Note

I know there are errors, and ill fix them when i can

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Added on May 13, 2012
Last Updated on June 11, 2012




My names lacy and i love to write stories. My writings deal with brother and sister love, blood, werewolves, vampires, and whatever else i like to do. 1.Writing helps me put my ideas down and feel.. more..

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