A Chapter by marie

 dear diary,
ok whatever so not doing that anymore my mom told me that i should start a diary to reflect upon i don't even know why i'm doing this oh yeah if i don't i'm like sooo grounded. anyway where to start i guess with my first memory. my parents divorced when i was just five years old, who knows why who cares. um...... so not doing this 
ok so i know i said i wouldn't do this but there is just something i have to write down i think i'm going crazy all this stress from my friend she started hearing voices(wtf?!!!) she made me promise not to tell like i would any way we have been like sisters for the past five years. so i went online and found all sorts of medicine that i can't afford to i just gave her some chamomile hopefully it will help maybe i should get some myself my mom said that every since dad kicked me out i have been on edge but who cares certainly not me!!!!!
day 2
why is it that every one is in a relationship but me ?!!!!i never seem to know why they are all going out on their millionth date and i have yet to have my first kiss..... any way i think the herb worked the voices have gone down alot since yesterday. she just seems to be calmer wich i know is chamomiles effect on people but is it supposed to happen so fast idk maybe she's lying to me it wouldn't be the first time but she always has a good reason to do it. 
so dad is trying to get back on my good side fat chance after he makes his daughter walk alone in the middle of the night four miles to her nanna's house their is no way that i am ever going to forgive him and even if i do its gonna take alot more than a few puny texts to get me back i swear he acts just like a two year old sometimes....

© 2012 marie

Author's Note

ok tell me how i did this is my first go at journal stories and it would be nice for some tips

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Added on August 8, 2012
Last Updated on August 8, 2012



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