A Poem by Zaiden


Echoes that ring throughout the woods shake my blessed little ears,
metamorphic clouds entrance my starlit eyes like a passionate dance.
Awe, simple, thoughtless awe soothes my body as I breath in this moment.
What could be more important than an awakening?

Green tendrils of the tree beings move by invisible breaths,
they wave, in and out, up and down, whispering their silent language.
Firmness, and strength of the great mother holds my feet, I am safe.
Does serenity ever come with a price?

By the many stories, by the shadows of remains of the past,

this moment's light is given form.
By the songs of the people, animals, and stars, do we feel ourselves.
Within this chasm of mystery we are called to heed the soul.
Is wisdom spoken any more perfectly?


The heat of the eternal flame, beats down with fierce presence.
We submit willingly, or not, to the Father's majesty.
Humble reflections are we of the piercing light from within and without,
must we really continue to be blind to ourselves?

The family above moves with determination,

each member dedicated to the others creed and motives.
The planets chime with flawless resonance that will outlive even the oldest man.
Are we really so proud?

By the motion of the mother, does the Moon bring grace and change,
surrender, or be washed away in the river of growth as a leaf.
Reflect, say the gods, reflect and know, all possibility is within.
Is doubt really your ally?

As the clouds move, and become what they are to never be again,
so flows the water of the world from my heart.
As the central flame disappears behind the mountains,
so begins the epic of the stars above, to remind the nature of rebirth.
What could you really be scared of?

Alone with the mother, yet surrounded by her children,
I am nourished, sheltered, and instructed.
From the cosmos I hail, and to which I will return,
blessed be mother Terra, forever may the light of her life burn.
Where is your heart child?


© 2014 Zaiden

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Added on June 4, 2014
Last Updated on June 4, 2014
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