The Boulder

The Boulder

A Story by Staci Brown

a short story about a group of teens making some really effed up decisions and the results lol Enjoy


"Oh Christ! What the fuuu??" Joey stood there, his mouth agape as he watched his buddies. The stars above him were swirling, the traffic below was like one long ribbon of color.


"C'mon Frank, push you wimp! I can't do this by myself ya know!" Brian, sweaty and grunting; was trying to push the ancient behemoth from its resting place.


"I am puuuuusssssshhhhhing!" Frank whined. "Damn, this is too heavy Brian! Let's find another one."


"NO! This is the one damn it! This is the one..." Brian's voice trailed off as he renewed his vigor to move the ages old boulder to the edge of the cliff.


"Yea Brian, let's go find another rock." Joey pleaded, hoping in their search for another boulder, Brian would lose interest. Joey knew he had to find a way to stop Brian and Frank from ruining their lives and that of others that night.


"No! What's wrong with you guys? It'll be cool! Brian tried pleading his case for what he thought would be a night of fun.


Joey, stood there, unable to move his limbs, the homemade wine was coursing through his blood; his body felt weighed down, his mind mush. Just another night of escape from his loser life, but this..., this was just wrong to do. Taking his own life was one thing, taking another's life though..., and just for kicks??? No, no matter how sad he was with his own life he just couldn't be a part of this insanity. He knew he had to stop his friends. "Brian, I swear if you don't knock this s**t off I'm gonna kick your a*s man!


"Yea, right Joey. Just try it and see what happens!" Brian called Joey's bluff. "Fine, don't help. I'll do it myself." Brian started to push again and was able to inch the boulder a little closer to the edge.


"Frank, you don't really want to do this do you?" Joey asked, not expecting much of a response from the kid who's never made his own decision; a typical follower.


"Joey, just leave if you're going to be such a puss. Frank's not gonna go against me." Brian replied before Frank could answer for himself. "Frank, get over here and help damn it!" Frank hustled back over to the boulder and started pushing again.


Typical, meek little sheep. Joey thought to himself. F**k, I can't just sit here and do nothing. I gotta do it. F**k! Joey mulled it over in his head before acting.


Joey just lunged for Brian, no warning of his strike. Fists flying, he was able to connect with Brian's jaw, knocking him to the ground. Frank just backed off and watched the two of them fight. "NO BRIAN! WE'RE NOT DOING THIS!"


"You hit me! Son of a b***h! You actually hit me!" Brian said, in shock that someone would actually go against him. Brian shook his head to clear the fogginess from the blow to his jaw; then without standing he reached out and grabbed Joey's legs, sweeping him off his feet and proceeded to tackle him.


"I'm gonna kill you Joey! Mamma's boy has some balls after all! HAH! Not after I finish with you!" Brian and Joey wrestled on the ground, each struggling to stand and falling back down against the boulder which was already on the edge of the cliff.


"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Joey watched as the boulder slipped from the edge and began its descent down to the highway below filled with commuters on their way to and fro. Brian was still punching on Joey when he realized the boulder had left its perch and was now soaring to its target far below.


"YEAH!!! Look at that baby go!!!" Brian was off of Joey and watching his work come to fruition.


"Oh s**t! No, no, no!" Joey cried as they all stood there watching the boulder slam into a compact car that was traveling north on the thruway, and pushed the car into the path of a semi in the next lane. They watched as the semi ran over the compact like it was a little bug being smashed out of existence; knowing no one in the car could have survived such a traumatic collision between the boulder and then the semi.


"YOU A*****E BRIAN!!!" Joey shoved Brian in anger, who lost his balance. Stumbling backward, Brian's feet scrambling in the loose dirt and stone. Joey and Frank watched as Brian fell backwards off the edge to his death far below.


What goes around, comes around. Joey thought to himself, laughing aloud amongst his own tears at all the death before them.


"C'mon Joey, we gotta get outta here!" Frank cried as he started to run towards the woods and the safety of his home.


No. No more running. No more excuses. Joey thought to himself. Realizing his life was now screwed. Arrested for murder. Life in prison. No... Joey opened his arms as he stood on the edge of the cliff. Down below, someone had a halogen light pointed upwards to see where the boulder had come from and saw Joey standing there, arms outstretched.


"No more running..." Joey whispered to no one but himself. "Time for me to fly....," and with that final thought, Joey launched himself off the edge. Flying through the air to his own death far below. Landing just a few feet from his friend Brian, whose body lay twisted and bloodied.


"Joey? Is that you man? Where are we?" Brian asked.


"Yea, it's me. We're dead you a*****e." Joey had no mercy for Brian, who must've still been in shock.


"Oh s**t! No! That's my body! What the..., I can see our bodies laying there!" Brian was freaking out as he realized he really was dead. Seeing their bodies laying before them, he couldn't figure any other reason.


"Hey. Kid. C'mon! Just hang in there, alright?" Joey heard the voice of an older man talking to him, holding his hand.


"Wait! Joey! No! Don't leave me here! Please! Where are you going?" Brian was crying and pleading as he watched Joey slipping back into his twisted, bloody body along the roadside. Laying down himself on his own body, Brian tried to do what he just watched his former friend do. Nothing happened. He was all alone. Or was he?


"You can see me? Yes, you over there laying down. You can see me, can't you?"

"Uhhh, no. Errr, I mean..., yes. I think." Brian was squeamish as he looked at the young girl, probably once beautiful; that is before he killed her. Now she stood before him, mangled, bloodied, disheveled; holding a young girl in her arms not more than four years old.


"Why?" The young girl asked. Shaking her head in disgust, before walking away towards a brilliant light that had just appeared a few yards off to her left.


"Wait! I can explain! It wasn't me! My friend did it! Not me!" Brian chased after the young woman with the little girl in her arms. He watched as the woman disappeared into the shimmering brilliant light. Then it was dark again on the road, except for the headlights and flashers of cars and trucks that had stopped near the accident. "Wait! What about me? Where's the light?"


What about me....

© 2008 Staci Brown

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Oh my.
What a powerful story.
It's wrenching in its brutality. How many times have bullies done stunts like this? No thoughts as to another's life whom they are about to destroy. No thoughts on who else they might be hurting. They do it out of fun, boredom, a zest to feel alive. And in the end, it leaves them exactly where they deserve to be, nowhere and all alone.
Beautifully penned. I love how brutal it is, the truth of it. The judgment. Brava!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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What a dark, twisted story that basically shows you - what goes around comes around. Karma. (: I really liked this - the dialogue was realistic for young boys, and the situation was inspirational when Joey ended up living, and the victims went to heaven, while Brian was stuck alone, to pay for the crime that he had done. Very well done. :)

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Whoa, awesome story. Definitely... well, I don't know, it was just great! The storyline, the characters, the morals; it was all simply excellent! This is probably the first time I ever read a story that centered around the kids who are actually doing the life-threatening pranks, but of course, the suicide was a new touch. ;) What sucks is knowing that this has happened in real life. :( If only kids would think twice.

Thanks for sharing! It was a phenomenal read. ^^

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Brilliant. It is sad when someone's mind is troubled enough to disregard the lives of others. I wish I could dive into their minds to see what's there. Every murderer was once a child, innocent and ignorant. Our cruel world molds their fragile minds into twisted masses of chaos. My heart cries for the lost souls who do not understand the warmth of love, the same love that makes up the fabric of the universe itself. How can one person become so disconnected that they do not realise that by hurting other, they hurt themselves.

This story is a tribute to those lost souls, and a worthy tribute it is. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Posted 14 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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