CHAPTER 1: Fighting a Goblin

CHAPTER 1: Fighting a Goblin

A Chapter by Shiro-sama

It was almost two hours since apocalypse began.

Ace was hiding in the storeroom. After he ran away that time he didn’t dare to go out of the storeroom.

Dying screams can be heard outside but he didn’t dare to look.

After some time, earning his remaining courage, he peeks in the small hole of the door. He saw a blood colored world, many dead people, it looks like a massacre.

Ace almost vomited in the scene he saw, it was cruel, extreme brutality. Arms were torn apart and many headless corpses can be seen.

He checked outside and saw someone; it was the school’s security guard. He was fighting with a goblin; the security guard aimed his gun at goblin and shot the goblin many times, the goblin collapsed on the ground.

‘Is it dead?’ Ace thought with amazed look. He never thought that the guard can kill the goblin.

The guard walked toward the collapsed goblin while he aimed the gun at the goblin. The goblin moved.

‘S**t it’s still alive but how? He was shot many times, he even shot it in the head’ Ace was still peeping in the small hole. He saw the wounds of the goblin recovered rapidly that can be seen with the naked eye.

“What the f**k is that abnormal regeneration? Was the gun useless against this guy?” the goblin started to stand up, the guard started shooting at the goblin but the goblin didn’t even flinch.  It was useless, the goblin was regenerating rapidly.

‘tsk tsk tsk’ the sound of an empty gun can be heard. The guard collapsed in the floor and trembled in fear. He tried reloading his gun but the goblin was already standing in front of him, the goblin raised and swung its short sword at the guard and beheaded the guard. A fountain of blood can be seen, the headless corpse of the guard collapsed in the ground and the head of the guard were kicked by the goblin and laughed strangely.


Ace was terrified and shocked; he collapsed in the ground and hurriedly crawled back.


                Ace bumped the boxes in the storeroom.

“S**t! S**t! S**t! I’m doomed” Ace was cursing himself. The goblin became alert when it heard the noise and slowly walks toward the storeroom. The footstep became louder and louder.

‘It’s coming. What do I need to do? I don’t want to die yet’

Ace trembled in fear when he saw the scene just a minute ago, he imagined himself headless and he started cower in fear. The thoughts in his mind became louder and louder.

‘I don’t want to die’

‘I don’t want to die’



Ace was nowhere to go. He began thinking, wishing he would come up with something.

‘Rather than making myself thinking about dying, I need to think of something that can raise the percentage of survival’

After some time thinking, His mentality changed, his mind became clearer and his fear lessens. He started to think again.

“I need to fight” Ace decided and he picked up the baseball bat on the ground and firmly gripped it with his hands.

BAAAAM! The door locked broke and the door opened. The goblin appeared in front of Ace. Ace was still trembling but he collected all his remaining courage to fight the goblin.

Ace raised the bat and smashed it in the head of the goblin but the goblin managed to dodge it. After the goblin dodged Ace’s attack, the goblin aimed a slash at Ace’s shoulder. Ace tried to block the short sword with the bat but…


With little resistance, the bat was sliced in half and Ace was slashed in his left shoulder. With the intense pain in his shoulder and thick red blood that continuously flowed down to his shoulder, Ace threw the broken bat at the goblin and held his left shoulder.

“It hurts it hurts!” tears formed in Ace’s eyes.

This was the first time he felt this kind of pain the wound was not fatal but it is not shallow either. The goblin mischievously laughed and licked the blood stained sword.


Ace trembled more and more.

He was scared to the bone and now he was in the death row, anytime now he will likely to be killed.

In front of the goblin, He was still holding his wounded shoulder and waited for his upcoming death but he still wished to survive.

The goblin charged at him with the intention of piercing him.


At this moment he was thinking, thinking in order to survive, he squeezed his brain to its fullest. He was breathing was roughly, his body was ragged, but right now he saw the enemy clearer. As the sword approached him, his whole world slowed down, he saw a victorious smile on the goblin’s face but he also saw every movements of the goblin, he felt like everything in his body was working more efficiently.

“WAAAAH!! I will live! I won’t die!” Ace shouted.

Ace jumped to the left and dodged the sword that was aimed at him.

Ace dodged the goblin’s charge and the goblin continuously charged at wooden wall instead while Ace fell on the pile of boxes.

Ace was breathing heavily, Ace saw the goblin’s sword was impaled in the wooden wall and the goblin was trying to pull it out.

 “I won’t let YOU!!!” Ace used all his strength to kick the goblin and the goblin was blown away by the kick and fell on the floor.

Ace pulled out the impaled sword and jumped towards the lying goblin.

He stabbed the goblin in the chest and the goblin shrieked in pain.


“DIE! DIE! YOU F*****G GOBLIN!! TASTE MY WRATH!! I’LL STAB YOU TO DEATH UNTIL YOU CANT REGENERATE!!” Ace continued to stab the goblin but the goblin was still struggling, trying to resist. The goblin grabbed the Ace’s shoulders until its nails dug into Ace’s skin . Even though Ace felt his shoulders was hurting he ignored the pain and continuously stabbed the goblin.

“keeeeEEEEEEEKK!!!” the goblin let out a dying roar and turned into ashes.


© 2016 Shiro-sama

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It looks like you are narrating a D and D campaign.
Also, kind of vulgar, but kind of entertaining.
I don't detect a story line, just brutality, but hey...

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

what is D and D ?
Tim  L. B. Cummings

4 Years Ago

Dungeon and Dragons.

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