CHAPTER 2: Skill Selection

CHAPTER 2: Skill Selection

A Chapter by Shiro-sama

“I killed it! I survived”

Ace was breathing heavily, he was covered with blood. With his tattered clothes, he almost looked like a beggar. He looked at his hands that were holding a sword; the blood of the goblin was still there.

It was the first time he killed someone even though it was a monster.

He was trembling.

‘I killed it, no it was right to kill it or else I will the one that died, I need to bear with it! It’s a matter of survival’

He gazed where the goblin turned to ashes.

‘All I need is to survive’

He swept the ash on the floor with his hands and found a violet crystal. He touched the violet crystal and lifted it up. Ace was inspecting it when the crystal shone and flew towards him.

“w-what’s happening!?” Ace stepped back because of shock but the crystal slowly flew towards him and entered his right hands. Ace felt Intense burning sensation in his right hand when the crystal entered his hands.

HAAAAAAH! Hot hot hot!!”

The pain subsided and Ace began to relax and went to the corner of the storeroom to hide. As he laid his tired body on the wall, his consciousness began to fade and the crystal in his right hand also began to glow.

‘So you’re the first person to kill a <>’ a mysterious voice resounded in Ace’s mind.

Hearing that Ace slowly opened his eyes but there is only White space. White, white, white everything was white.

“Minions? What’s that? Where am I? Is this heaven?” Ace confusedly asked.

“Oh little one, that’s what you call the monsters that you killed lately. This place is called <>, you are transported here Because you are the first person to kill a <> and I will personally entertain you and give you some credit for your courage”

“Y-you’re the one who did this? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? You killed many people!!” Ace shouted at the top of his lungs.

‘Yes that’s right I’m the one who did this, as for the reason you still didn’t have the right to know. Get stronger boy then you will know HAHAHA’ the mysterious voice said mockingly.

‘So I need strength to know the truth huh. That’s true right now I’m still weak; I almost died fighting a goblin then what about other stronger monster’

Ace was lost in his thoughts; he started to think about what the mysterious voice is saying.

 ‘Only those who have strength will live, so let’s talk about your credit, let me explain, this new world has its own new system, you must gain strength in order to survive, those who did not have enough strength will meet fate that is more cruel than death and…’

“More cruel than death? Is there something like that?” Ace asked the mysterious voice.

‘Yes there is but I won’t elaborate it any farther, I will give you skill to allow you to fight monsters on equal ground’

‘That skill can raise the possibilities of survival I must choose carefully’ ace thought while he rubbed his chin with his hands. He sank deep in his thoughts.

“hey you’re not listening. Let me finished the explanation first you dumb kid” the mysterious voice said with an annoyed tone.

“S-sorry I suddenly lost in thoughts please continue” Ace immediately waked up and said with a sorry tone.

“Okay back to the topic, right now, you are an early rank F <> and because you just started you can have 3 skills: 1 attack skill, 1 defense skill and 1 support skill”

The mysterious voice continues to explain everything to Ace.

After listening Ace gain much knowledge about the new system of the world.

‘According to the mysterious voice;

We are called <>

 If you became a <> you can gain 3 skills.

Attack skill for damaging the enemies

Defense skill for increasing your durability in battle

Support skill for helping you in battle

These skills can increase mastery to improve their efficiency until level 5.

You needed to finish a certain task to rank up.

Level ranges from level early, middle and late

While rank is divided from rank F which is the lowest and SSS+ which is the highest.


Unlike the past, this world is chaotic you don’t know when or where you are going to die so every decision I make may cause death so I need to choose efficiently

 Right now I’m early rank F <> which is the weakest’

Right now Ace was choosing skills that have greatest effect on his survivability.

“Let’s see <> is more useful to me because I have the short sword from the goblin, also can’t use the <> because I don’t have a bow and <> use too much mana, it consumes 20% of my energy every cast.”

Ace picked the attack skill <>, (a passive skill that increases the sharpness of a bladed weapon, it will causes greater piercing and slashing effect.)

For defense skill, he chose <>, (it absorbs energy from the surrounding and heals life and reduces damage taken by 10 %)

As for the support skill, he chose the skill <>, (a skill that binds the enemy unable to move from its place for 3 seconds it uses mana.(the enemy must be in 2 meter range).)

“These are the skills that can raise my chance of survival to the highest”

‘So you finished picking skills then let’s continue. Now for your extra credits’ the mysterious voice said

“Extra credit?”

“Yes because you’re the first person who killed a <>, I will give you the skill <> and the item fairy stone. Just transfer mana to the stone after this. Then see you next time when the time is right”

 The whole place slowly vanished and Ace waked up.

“Is it all a dream?”

Ace was not sure if everything happened was real. He slowly lifted up his hands and examined it. A small crystal was embedded in his right hand, out of curiosity he touched the crystal then letters and numbers appeared.

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