A Chapter by Shiro-sama

“That was exciting. I never felt this way before” Ace felt Goosebumps after fighting the goblins. This is the first time that he felt excitement in his life.

“This things look like magic core in the novels I used to read, I better keep it for future uses” Ace picked up the scattered violet crystals and put it in his pocket. He also picked up a sword.

“I should bring another sword just in case” Ace tried to hang the sword in his waist when Laila suddenly floated in front of him.

“Master let’s just bring all the swords” Laila suggested.

“EH? But that’s five swords how can I bring them all and I can’t use them all?” Ace confusedly asked Laila.

“It’s easy just store it in here master” suddenly a small hole appeared out of nowhere. This hole looks like bottomless because you can’t see anything inside.

“W-what’s this?” Ace’s eyes almost bulged out when he saw the hole suddenly appeared in front of him.

“This is called spatial hole” Laila answered.

“Spatial hole? The one that use to store items like inventories or spatial rings”

“That’s right master this is what you call inventories”

“So it’s like that! I’m at shock, but I guess something like this is possible in this world now so I won’t be surprise anymore in other things out of  this world exist”

“This spatial hole can occupy maximum of 20 items. You can take out the item by thinking what item you like to take out and every time your mana increases the space inside also increases in size” Laila explained everything  to Ace.

“Then let’s store all these swords just in case” Ace stored the swords inside the spatial hole.

“Master! Master! Where are we going next?” Laila asked and happily floated around Ace.

“Let’s us go in the gym first that’s where the evacuation are is located many people will head there, I need to look for someone” Laila just nodded in Ace’s Suggestion.

‘I need to look for my big sister, she is the only family I have, I need to find her no matter what; Now that I have strength I think I can protect one or two people’

“The gym is located at the farthest part of the university let’s hurry” Ace started to run towards the gym’s location. Ace was still running but suddenly Laila spoke, Ace started to slow down.

“Master, prepare for combat, 1 goblin sighted 10 meters away from you, it already notice you, it was stronger than the goblin you fought so far, it’s an elite goblin, a middle F class monster”

“Then let’s confront it” Ace unsheathed the sword preparing to fight the goblin.

“Master, it’s here” A goblin appeared, the goblin was equipped with a breast palate, in its right hand there was a sword that slightly longer than Ace sword and its left hand was equipped with a round wooden shield.

“KEEEEEH!!!” the goblin shouted.

The goblin’s sword shot straight to Ace but Ace reacted fast and dodged the sword. He raised his sword and aimed at the goblin but the goblin blocked the sword with its shield then slashed horizontally at Ace. Ace jumped backward to dodge.

“S-so strong, it was faster than the other goblins and more skilled, so this is an elite monster”

Ace instantly panicked because this guy was stronger than the goblins he fought. However, He gripped his sword harder and tried to calm himself

‘I need to beat this guy! I don’t have time to be scared anymore’

Ace fixed his thoughts while he gritted his teeth.

“I’ll overcome you!” Ace shouted as he took a large step forward, and slashed down the shoulder of the enemy.

The Goblin reacted fast he blocked Ace attack and readied its sword.

“<<Bind>>” Ace casted quickly to interrupt the move of the goblin. While the goblin was immobile, Ace aimed at the goblin’s unguarded neck but the sword was defended by the goblin’s arm. The sword slashed through the goblins right arm and the arms fell in the floor. Without a sword, the goblin retreated backwards with blood dripping in its armless elbow; the goblin started rampaging and looked at Ace with Angrily.


“Master, get back! It’s rampaging, it is already attacking wildly” Laila shouted at Ace.

“No I want to fight this guy! I won’t run! I need to overcome this!” Ace said with a complete resolution in his face. The goblin started to angrily charge at Ace. The goblin’s eyes was red in anger, it ignored its defense and fully attacked Ace.

 Ace started to think faster, he moved his body sideways to dodge the goblin. Ace swung its sword downward and slashed the goblins other arm, blood spluttered. He kicked the goblin away, the goblin was already in pitiful state, both its arms were gone but it still angrily looking at Ace then the goblin gave a savage howl.


That howl gave cold killing intent; the goblin was making his last move. Ace readied himself and focused all his senses.

“Let’s decide this death match but I will make sure that I will win” Ace said as he pointed the sword at the goblin. The goblin charged savagely, Ace clenched his arms and he forcefully punched the goblin in the face. Sounds of cracking bones can be heard, having the skill <<War God’s arms>>, Ace strength was nearly doubled. The goblin collapsed at the ground; even though it collapsed it was still trembling. It was at the death’s door.

“Let me finish your suffering” Ace said in cold voice and stabbed the collapsed goblin. The goblin gave a dying shriek and turned into ashes. Ace picked up the violet crystal and stored it at his pocket.

He also picked up the round wooden shield and the breastplate and equipped them then he changed his sword with the new sword he got from the elite goblin.

 After fighting 3 more goblins, Ace arrived near the Gym.



Scream can be heard as he came closer at the gym’s entrance and few people started to ran away from the gym.

© 2016 Shiro-sama

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Added on August 6, 2016
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