A Chapter by Shiro-sama

As I came closer in the gym’s entrance I heard screaming voices, few people started to exit the gym then I saw someone familiar, it was my sister’s boyfriend James. He was running so I ran after him, I grabbed his shoulder and he turned round.

“A-Ace!!” he said while stammering.

“Where’s my sister Michelle?” I asked him.

“I-I don’t know!” he was stammering. He was hiding something.

“You two were classmates and you’re her boyfriend, you’re always with her!” he started to look away from me. He was shaking.

“D-don’t tell me you abandoned her?!! You left her!!” I yelled at him and grabbed his shirt. Uneasiness suddenly emerged from my heart.

“I-I ……” he suddenly looked down.

I was correct he abandoned my sister! I felt anger this guy abandoned my sister, they were couple for many years but he abandoned my sister so easily.

“You f**cking  *sshole! Where is my sister?” I angrily yelled at him as I slowly lifted him up. His was full of fear.

“I-inside the gym” He immediately answered and suddenly my blood boiled in anger and I throw him at the ground.

“If something happens to my sister I will definitely kill you!!”

“I-I don’t care! I just want to live!” he immediately crawled around and started to run away while I hurriedly enter the gym. My legs turned into jellies and I fell on my knees.

“GWAAAAAAAAKKKKK!!” I started to vomit.

This was horrible.

Smell of fresh blood.

The scene was more horrible than any other horror movies.

It was like a sea of blood. Corpses were everywhere.

Many scattered body parts.

“W-what happened here??”

I started to scan the area, I saw 7 normal goblin, 4 elite goblin, 1 bigger goblin and 2 orcs.

“Master, 7 normal goblins, 4 elite goblin, 1 late F rank goblin warrior and 2 middle F rank orcs. We need to get away from hear fast” Laila said hurriedly.

“t-too many” I almost turned but..

“D-Dan!? W-what happened?” I tried to approach him but he was already lifeless. His neck was gritted.

F*ck!! Why is this happening!

Fear, anger and hopelessness that are the feelings I have right now.

I scan the area again and saw many people I know.

My friends, my instructors and my classmates they were lying lifeless on the ground in the pool of blood. I continuously searched over and over again.

Anger swelled up inside me and slowly consumed me I started charged forward.



What I saw was a goblin in front of my sister and a sword was impaled in her abdomen. I arrived at the goblin and hurriedly slashed down the goblin to death. I caught my falling sister and slowly lay her down. The Scattered monster started to go where is Ace.

“Sister!! Sister!! Please open your eyes” tears slowly fell in my eyes endless sorrow covered my whole heart.

I want to shout away but I can’t.

My sister slowly opened her eyes and she opened her mouth.

“Is that you Ace?” She asked me with her weak voice. My tears continue to fell.

“Y-yes sister, it’s me your little brother”

“I’m glad y-you are s-safe. I was l-looking for you all this time, I-I’m glad that you are alive” my sister said to me as she coughed up blood.

“D-don’t talk please! I’m here already” I said while holding her hands. My sister lips curved upwards and looked at me.

“I’m h-happy that y-you are the last person I see before I die” she placed her hands at my face.

“D-don’t say that I still need you. I’m still a worthless brother I can’t leave without sister you know that. No one will cook for me. I need you please don’t leave me” I began to cried even more time felt eternity as I hold my sister in my arms, my only family was in the verge of death.

“Don’t cry! S-sorry for leaving you behind b-but you needed to stay strong and live for yourself, I also know that you are intelligent there’s no need for me to be there. I’m happy to have you as my brother” Her voice became weaker and weaker. My tears still flowing like a river.

“Please sister stay alive!” I yelled.

“Ace, please smile for me” she requested.

“Okay sister I’ll smile” I looked at my sister and gave a faint smile.

“T-that’s good, I-I really like your smile, your big sister L-LOVES you” tears rolled in her eyes and she smiled at me.

“I L-Love…” I suddenly stopped when her hands fell on the ground and the light in her eyes disappeared. My heart broke and red colored tears flowed down in my eyes.

“I-I LOVE YOU TOO” I hugged her tightly.

She was my only family.

She raised me alone.

She gave me everything but I didn’t even gave anything to her.

I was worthless.

“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” I shouted mournfully.

I finished crying when I heard footsteps slowly approaching. I laid my sister on the ground and I closed her lifeless eyes. I unsheathed my sword.

I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!!I said with voice full of hatred. Hatred slowly consumed me.

I WILL EXTERMINATE EVERYONE OF YOU!!!I slowly walked forward. I was heartbroken, Angry and I wanted to kill all of them.

“MASTER, Don’t!! You can’t win” Laila said trying to stop me but I only smiled at her.

“Don’t stop me this is a fight I can’t run away I know that you know what I’m talking about, just stay there that’s an order! Even if I die just leave and search for other master”

“MASTER NO!! I DON’T WANT TO!! PLEASE LET ME GO WITH YOU” Laila struggled and can’t move. So If I ordered to she can’t disobey. I guess it’s alright now as long as she’s safe.

“WAAAAAAAAHHH” I charged forward. I was full of hatred and wrath. My mind slowly sank in the deepest abyss of hatred. My mind went blank the darkness slowly consumed me.



© 2016 Shiro-sama

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Added on August 6, 2016
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