One *Spirit*

One *Spirit*

A Chapter by sorellaflowers

Snow fell slowly covering the already white earth, bloody paw prints trailing behind me as I limped along the forest, strength leaving me as my small furry form collapsed in the snow, normally I would blend in if it wasn’t for the blood surrounding my lower half, small bullet wedged in my skin. I was aware of the soft pound of paws coming my way; I cannot say I am surprised; blood alerts wild animals of easy prey. Eye’s opened as head radiated off the forms that now surrounded me, wolves, two of them, one a beautiful mixture of browns, brilliant grey eyes, the other black, light brown eyes. Head throbbing I instantly knew they were shifters like me, as I used what little energy I had left to block out their thoughts, the small amount of effort I could muster was not enough.

“She doesn’t smell normal”

Wouldn’t it be nice if I were normal? I believe so.

          “But she’s not a wolf Leo”

Leo, the name sent small shivers down my spine sending confusion to my brain.

          “I’m not a moron I can see perfectly well she’s not a wolf Luke”

Brothers or best friends I couldn’t tell, but I’m sure it doesn’t take a genius to see they are close.

          “I’m a shifter like you, although obviously I shift into a fox” My voice softly ringing through their minds

          “You can speak!”

          “So can you” I sighed

Laughter filled my mind as the brown wolf came closer, unlike other times my body didn’t tense, I was perfectly relaxed, a feeling that I could trust him went through me, instantly I knew this large wolf was Leo. Giving a lick to my muzzle, he lightly bit the scruff of my neck lifting me up. Pain coursed through me causing a small whimper to escape.

          “We’ll be their soon little one”

          “Where?” I asked

          “Small cottage we rented”

          “How old are you…Leo?” I asked


          “I’m 17” Luke licked at my muzzle

Leo let out a growl startling Luke and myself.

          “How old are you?” Leo asked

          “16” I replied softly

          “Name?” He asked

          “Annie” I lied

Silence followed us for the rest of the way back to the cottage, somehow he knew I lied, yet he didn’t say anything, Luke how ever bought the lie as any other person would. Cottage made of bricks came into view, although I wouldn’t call a two-story cottage small. The door quickly opened to reveal a girl around my age, blonde hair that fell onto her shoulders, she stood maybe at 5’7 give or take, slender but I could see her  toned muscles as we got closer, her hazel eyes stood out above anything else. This girl could indeed pass as a model with excellence.

          “Oh my!” She muttered carefully taking my into her arms and rushing me inside

The room was a pale brown, two sets of beds against both sides of the room, small tan wooden table in the middle hat she sat my own, first draping a large towel over it. Slender man came into the room next, slightly toned muscles, cropped black hair; tall standing at around 5’9, brown eyes allowing me to know this man was Luke.

          “Do you need any help Cordi?” He asked

          “No, I already cleaned the blood of, once I got the bullet out it healed instantly” She smiled softly petting my head

          “She’s like us, can you lend her some pants and…other things” He blushed causing her to giggle

My attention was no longer on them though, it was on Leo, grey eyes watching my every move. He was the tallest out of the group, standing at least 6’1, muscles toned, eight pack clearly visible as no shirt was covering all his glory, light brown hair spiked up in the back, bangs falling into his face almost covering his eyes, the eye’s that appeared to see into my very soul. What is this man doing to me?

© 2011 sorellaflowers

Author's Note

Hope you enjoyed it, I am working on chapter two as we speak...well read haha please comment, I take all comments to heart even if they seem mean they are helpful, thank you. <3

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Added on April 8, 2011
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O.o creepers wana know but im not telling =P, WA

Well I won't give you my real name, I plan to publish my writing someday, I go by sorella, to be honest I don't write to become famous, thats not my dream at all, I write to be heard, my views, though.. more..

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