my remarkable ocean of word's

my remarkable ocean of word's

A Poem by Michael Soul

my struggle to write and read


Rays split the clouds, 

shadows slid across hills,

A mind awakes flourishing, 

nourishing world of words within me, 

seeing the trees starch out their shadows, 

moving round then out of sight,

opens mind's eye.

Forming around my mind an ocean of word's.

Clouds move fast breaking up,

And here at last,

permitting thee appointed night.

See the stars glimmer out to play, 

watch the light fades with the passing day. 

As it opens a new night born to dance away.

where I lay a spark that shines bright eclipses all light, 

revelling through my eyes warranted lines.

One's soul pre written scroll,  

stand to prevail exacting prevalent evolution.


dripping with colour,

As letters appear shaping,

forming a written absolution,

attribute words evolution. 

lyrical and musical,

imagination nor horizon clouded in haze.

A call through time and space,

placing gaze over loves raise. 

feeling this mind shaping a sentence, 

Art in words, beautifully formed butterfly's 

flourishing in fazes, 

nourishing gazes with waves of heart and soul,

of vigorous growth in stages of life. 

lost, found, formed before even my live began.

Exploring the possibilities a realisation that I stand, 

stand in the reflection of my own teacher,

creator, A dreamer existing within two worlds.

Was drowning the senseless sentences,

could finds me lost within imagination, 

without comprehension but there living within,

My remarkable ocean of word's filling me everywhere.

© 2012 Michael Soul

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Posted 9 Years Ago

Michael Soul

9 Years Ago

thank you truly
Where the poet roams,
the world cracks and crumbles around him
the facade it wears melts away.
Revealed to him, and him alone,
are are the ancient secrets and riddles and meaning
of the universe of being and unbeing

Through his eyes
into his soul
then back through his pen,
is this beauty retold.

Retold so mortal men
who do not understand
what lies beyond the facade,
of the world in front of them.
So they can know
the ancient secrets too.

My first try at responding to your poem with a poem as you do to mine...

"where I lay a spark that shines bright eclipses all light,
revelling through my eyes warranted lines.
One's soul pre written scroll,
stand to prevail exacting prevalent evolution."
---My favorite lines.

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

You're so very welcome. Just came to me after reading your work while I was doing housework of all .. read more
Michael Soul

9 Years Ago

it's fun when that happens though when i do that it gets on the nerves of others around me as i cant.. read more

9 Years Ago

Oh me too...I go off into a daze...consumed by the narrative in my mind and all else disappears unti.. read more
I really like this though its a bit long for my taste.
It had decent flow for not being a ryme based poem and I really liked that about it :-)

Posted 9 Years Ago

A poets words are not mere words but emotions and imaginations, feelings. And your poem cried out this loud. Poignant work

Posted 9 Years Ago

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A lyrical soulful poem that is full of deep words and metaphors... A cry Of the self ...An evolution of the day to night to emotions crying the heart and soul... You have indeed drowned us with beautiful words and thoughts... Bravo ...

Posted 9 Years Ago

This comment has been deleted by the poster.
Michael Soul

9 Years Ago

thank you sir!! if i never lost my last rewrite is life that's now, would have not be born!!!

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Added on September 11, 2012
Last Updated on September 16, 2012


Michael Soul
Michael Soul

Ayr, United Kingdom

well what to say im me the soulartis lol some of my work these day's will be a call for eyes and hearts to open but will be mostly fun stuff when its out my Sistine chapel lol im a you know if yo.. more..


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