Our Crippled Best

Our Crippled Best

A Poem by Emjai

We know those who are irregular individuals compare to the rest of society with defects and mutations, however can we comprehend that perhaps they are the ones who can fully understand us best?



How is it that you can take so much yet retain so little?


A fragile body so weak that bones are of brittle


The weakest omega of humanity

Look down upon by alphas who doubt your sanity

However you sneer and choose not to care

while your peers distance themselves and stare

They don’t bother to look into the unknown

Uncover the past, witness what can't always be shown

The lies those quack doctors assure

With egoistic theories that lead trails obscure

A sickness without a name

Doctors race to be the first for money and fame

Rather than care for the one malformed

Leaving you isolated and uninformed

For a harsh life of pointless study and pity

Beneath the microscope, a being so bitty


But you glare back and flip off those who point


You spite back despite the pain lavishing your joints

Keeping a head up higher on lowest level of society


Defining irrelevant fears of your anxiety


Truly is a soul more justified and wise

Then one who endears the truth behind disguises and lies

Everyday is a vicious test of your might

While others in the your place would tear down in plight

Is it the bitterness that makes you human?

Behind the snark and sarcasm you're truly acumen

To those tripping blindly in a world they don’t really know

While you watch as they endure from a view below

Can it be that the best beings in this world

Are the minds we deem pitiful and whorled?  

© 2013 Emjai

Author's Note

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Added on June 1, 2013
Last Updated on June 1, 2013
Tags: Crippled, Understanding, Truth, Humanity, Lies, Psychology, Medicine, Doctors, Health, Surviving



Visalia, CA

I'm a something of a teenage poet though I may write a short story or two as well. If you enjoy my work that is really all you need to know about me. more..

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