Redomeya (continued)

Redomeya (continued)

A Story by Han. <3

Its early morning and my bones are aching, my head is pound and I feel sick. I don’t even need to feel my face to know it’s bruised and black. I do however need to get up and fast because I know if I don’t, my already suffering body will have an even greater hell to pay. Starting with the hardest task of all I pull up from my slumped position and walk over to the mirror. The instants I see my reflection I go numb. A defence technique I’ve learnt to use well over the never ending years. I push my hair back into a pony tail taking pride with every strand so that it falls neatly into place. I may not have a lot going for me in terms of physical attributes today, but I’m determined to make my hair count, even if it means nothing to anyone else. It’ll mean something to me. Once I’m satisfied with my hair I being my daily routine starting with the scrubbing of the floors and ending with breakfast for the Screecher’s, Mable and Marmalade. Just like Cinderella I to have the pleasure of suffering the unbearable ear scraping screams of the two most vile and ugly things that this world has to offer. However in contrast to Cinderella the Screecher’s ugliness only applies to their personalities. The first being Mable has a touch of pink in her cheeks on a fair complexion, with beautiful wavy hair that falls just below her shoulders. Marmalade has long brown straight hair, with wild hazel eyes and a smile that if you didn’t know better had all the heart in the world behind it.

© 2013 Han. <3

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Added on February 27, 2013
Last Updated on February 27, 2013


Han. <3
Han. <3

London, United Kingdom

I blogg (: - I live by fairytales and magic. (: bet your bottom dolla on me, lovesss. i have twitter @spandexpants more..

Redomeya Redomeya

A Story by Han. <3