Shut your eyes and run.

Shut your eyes and run.

A Story by Han. <3

Shut your eyes and run.

play this then read,

Today I learned how to breathe.
I shut my eyes and ran, I ran as fast as I could in the freezing cold and the pounding wind.
Today I didn’t straighten my hair or put my make up on.
Today I wore that dress I never thought suited me.
Today I meowed! At strangers and laughed as loud as I could.

Today I shut my eyes and ran, I ran away from the fakes, the liars, the meaningless ‘I love yous’ the self doubt, the happy couples, the best friends brought together by hate. I SANG to the bands I pretend to hate. I told the jokes that no-one else finds funny.

Today I ran from the boys that only text you because there bored.
The boys that can keep you hanging on a string. The boy you that make you believe you and 10 other girls are just so special and beautiful.

Today I ran away from the girls who post I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY on there boyfriends wall a billion times over. The girls who look you up and down because your pale.

Today I stopped listening to the songs that remind me of you. I stopped paying attention to the tutors that give you the ‘your gonnah fail’ look. 

Today I ran so fast, I lived.

It was just a thought.

"all my love hatter."

© 2011 Han. <3

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Thank you for reading it means alot. (:

yeah i see what you mean about that song its lovely. (:

Posted 8 Years Ago

That COMPLETELY reflected the day I just had. I didn't listen to the song (sorry) but I had the song Lullaby by Nickelback on and it also reflected your story. This was SO inpsiring and I really enjoyed it.
Wow, I just read through what I said. It sounds fake :/ It's not, though! I truly loved it. It was different in the best way possible?

Posted 8 Years Ago

Thank you very much. (:

Posted 8 Years Ago

This was great! A completely new idea. I can't think of anything better to add to that.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on December 10, 2011
Last Updated on December 10, 2011


Han. <3
Han. <3

London, United Kingdom

I blogg (: - I live by fairytales and magic. (: bet your bottom dolla on me, lovesss. i have twitter @spandexpants more..