Which way? that way!

Which way? that way!

A Story by Han. <3

Which way? That way!

As you lay within the trees.
Drifting of so carelessly.
Entering the land of dreams.
Tears wills forget to stream
Down upon your redden cheek.

Your heart will slow its beat and the days will blur like a memory.
The birds will tweet and cats will chase.
Whilst you lay still like time and space.

The boring book you are yet to read.
Will soon seem so problem free.
As you close your eyes and take your finally breath before you lay this world to rest.

Once awaken.
You will face a little rabbit with no time to waste.
Without a moment to gather your thoughts
Another lesson is waiting to be taught.

Of you go my darlin’ because down the hole you’ll fall.
Upside down round and round becoming helpless like us all.
And as you look at the dimming light you’re entering a room.
That can only feel you with a heart of pain and a soul that’s so misused.

your knees crash against the ground and behind you is the autumn sounds.
Take a breath and don’t forget, if you don’t move fast you’ll have nothing left.

You must think quickly as time is running away and on the table the poison lays.
For you to figure out just how much you can take?!

So drink up, drink fast and be quick as the door is opening and you are yet to pick?
Which way? That way! Down the road.
As we wait for the story to stop and unfold.

'All my love'
Hatter.  ♥

© 2011 Han. <3

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Added on December 10, 2011
Last Updated on December 10, 2011


Han. <3
Han. <3

London, United Kingdom

I blogg (: http://upsidedownteacake.blogspot.com - I live by fairytales and magic. (: bet your bottom dolla on me, lovesss. i have twitter @spandexpants more..