here's another line from th heart.

here's another line from th heart.

A Story by Han. <3

here's another line from th heart.
Dearest hatter,
                      never to be trusted,
never to be loved,
never to be thought of first,
never to be faught over.

never to be right,
never to be shown your th one? they want.

never to succeed, or achieve.

for you will never be thought of? and happyness will never be.
- because you'll always be known as th freak.

but! how? could they ever love you.
Why! would they ever dare, to show you that they care?

for you are too much of a risk and for you to reach eternal bliss.
You must stop looking for happyness, and shut your eyes so can you sleep.

entering th ground 6ft deep.

and whilst you waste you waste away so coldy?
your fragile body is left so grossly.

- Don't expect them to weep, they'll just hate you because you're weak.
You tried to warn them with tears of sadness, happy faces and crazy madness.
with fraglie structures and screaming voices.

You push and push, for you can't take the love they never gave.

and as you fall towards th ground and once more more write your tears down, secertly praying that they will look.

You! straight into th eyes?

with know doubt, cruel intentions or lies.
holding you closely to their chest.
saying listen to my beating heart.

feel the steadyness of my breathing, for i will be their to protect you.
because i can see your light

i will forever love you and kiss you goodbye at night.

all my love alice. <3

© 2011 Han. <3

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Added on December 10, 2011
Last Updated on December 10, 2011


Han. <3
Han. <3

London, United Kingdom

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