A Story by Han. <3

Chapter one. �" forever and always.

Once upon a time the most beautiful kingdom there ever was, sat high above the clouds. In centre of the kingdom stood the most glorious castle, which was surrounded by an enchanted forest. The castle was strong standing and the tops where so tall that they became lost within the stars. At the front of the castle there was a giant arched wooden door and surrounding the door was huge smiling windows. To all those who could reach a high enough point to see inside the windows at night, would find themselves being greeted with the most wonderful woodened fireplaces. The smell of which would descend upwards breaking away from the roaring flames. Carrying with it twinkling black smoke, which spiralled gently out from the chimney and into the open air of night time.


The forest which surrounded the castle was inhabited with a great number of magical creatures. Centaurs would roam freely in their packs and fairies could often be found amongst the ever growing gardens making sure that each flower would blossom more magnificently then the next.  


However all was not well within the kingdom as a great darkness consuming the land started to descend.


In a not so far away village, a servant girl named Auzra was just awakening to a day of duty.

© 2012 Han. <3

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Added on June 17, 2012
Last Updated on June 17, 2012


Han. <3
Han. <3

London, United Kingdom

I blogg (: - I live by fairytales and magic. (: bet your bottom dolla on me, lovesss. i have twitter @spandexpants more..