A Chapter by Kristy Young

Katie daydreams about Miguel during Math class.

Katie was sitting in Math class listening to Mr. Barnes talk about fractions.  She tried to concentrate, but the thought of Miguel kept popping into her mind.  In fact, at one point when Katie was not concentrating, she doodled Miguel's name in her notebook a few times.
Mr. Barnes saw that Katie was not paying attention to his lesson, so he approached the girl at her desk.
"Katie," Mr. Barnes said to the girl, trying to get her attention.
Katie looked up and saw Mr. Barnes at her desk.
"Yes, Mr. Barnes?" the girl asked her teacher.
"What are you writing in your book?"
"Um, nothing."
"Let me see what you wrote." Mr. Barnes grabbed Katie's notebook from her desk.
Katie's face turned beet-red.  She knew Mr. Barnes was probably going to reveal her crush in front of the entire class.
Mr. Barnes read what Katie had written in her notebook.
"You need to be paying to what I'm saying, not writing Miguel's name all over your notebook." the teacher told the girl.
The rest of the class started to chuckle.
Katie's face turned even darker.  Now the rest of the class knew about her crush on Miguel.
Katie couldn't wait for class to be over so she could go to third period.  The sooner her classes were done with, the sooner she could go to lunch.

© 2014 Kristy Young

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Added on February 7, 2014
Last Updated on February 7, 2014
Tags: aspergers, autism, teen, teenager, crush, daydream


Kristy Young
Kristy Young

Largo, MD

I'm an autistic, bisexual woman. I love writing and drawing. Most importantly, I love my family and God. I'm an advocate for LGBT and disabled people. I write to get my message of diversity and eq.. more..