Who Wants to Play The Big Game of One Million Stories?

Who Wants to Play The Big Game of One Million Stories?

A Story by spence

From Prompt: 'The Big Game'


So… you want to play the Big Game?

Okay then, but it’s only fair that we warn you that there are no rules to the game we’ll be playing and, as such, no guidance can be given at any point throughout. Also: There are no pre-fabricated boundaries or predetermined outcomes to act as signposts to success and what follows is the only text you will find directly referring to the Big Game, although there are quite plausibly already a million stories that are intrinsically and inherently involved in the play.

Perhaps then, it would be best for now if you thought less of methods and means of how you might play the game and instead focus on its objective and purpose. As in most games the purpose is simple and despite the loftiness of our intellect and ability in comparison to your own, we do share that somewhat innate desire.

That purpose and desire is, of course, to win. Winning the game will not be easy, but don’t worry; you shan’t be playing on your own. The enigma is too great and there is too much at stake for any one person to go it alone.

Make no mistake about it- you are about to play the game of your life, for your life.

The objective is to survive within a conundrum of red herrings, falsehoods and pyrite lies with few clues intermittently dotted about to guide you on your way.

It may be pertinent to the interests of beginning on a more level playing field then, if we offered you an insight as to who ‘we’ are and the state of play to date.

Who ‘we’ are has been the subject of much debate, great controversy and endless conjecture and so we thought it to your advantage to paint you an overview of the parameters in which ‘we’ may or may not exist. These may happen to be the parameters within which you may or may not exist, but knowing one begets understanding the other, although the given paradigms may or may not be exhaustive. That much, at the very least, is for you to determine.

The most benign extent of theory has it that we are your benefactors; the elite of human intellect, skill and aptitude that collectively governs and protects the world you live in. Some would have it that our identities are self-evident; that we are simply the leaders of governments, corporations and the like, the extent of nepotism, corruption, secrecy, transparency, fairness, integrity, etc, ascribed to this ‘ruling class’ is usually dependent on current affairs and a group or individual’s social, political and economic persuasion in relation to social, political and economic circumstances.

It has often been suggested that we can be identified through affiliations as diverse and arbitrary as Freemasonry or Catholicism and that we operate within sects and cults such as the Illuminati and the Bilderberg Group, that throughout history we have gathered to plot our continued domination of global affairs in places such as Bohemian Grove and in groups like the Trilateral Commission, the Committee of 300, the Council on Foreign Relations and the United Nations. And so on and so forth.

There is an ever emerging tenet amongst you that we share common ancestry and that our lineage can be traced back through centuries of affluence and influence to Alexander the Great while others maintain it is King Hammurabi of Babylon from whom we are originally descended. There are accounts of paganism, deification of Marduk and suspicions that emblems and insignia’s which denote our combined worship and dedication to malevolence can be found on everything from monuments to paper of monetary value. There are those who would go so far as to make assertions that we are in fact a separate species to you; that we are reptilian and/or extra-terrestrial in nature and that we cull and control the human race by clandestine means.

The extremities of these more outlandish ideological notions state that we have made slaves of you in order to harvest the resources of your planet until such time as we can return to our own with the fruit of your labours, the life of your planet and perhaps you the inhabitants as our food.

In the realms of the most fantastical, and somewhat dystopian, instances and contexts the very least we stand accused of is the intent to conquer and dominate you by means of coercion, manipulation, mind control through mediums like mass media to create and exacerbate socio-political division, economic envy and cultural animosity. There are of course many variations and permutations, but the overall ascribed purpose is the continuation of our millennia long process of mass subjugation, the desired outcome of which is the formation of a one world government or ‘The New World Order’ through which we will have total and utter control over each and every individual on the planet.

Rumours of our abilities and attributes range from secretly commanding technology far in advance of your own, to being capable of telepathic communication, time travel and teleportation. We have been held responsible for orchestrating war and atrocity throughout the ages, colluding to organise catastrophic events designed to divide and rule the masses and even of controlling the climate. There is talk of our exploits, influence or complicity in every terrorist attack, natural disaster, government cover-up, state secret and so on that you could conceivably think of. From U.F.O. sightings, Hollow Earth theory and the suppressing of technology to fluoridation of the water supply, that we are the Anunnaki of Sumerian myth and our capacity for controlling the human story throughout history to the present day, someone in some way has pointed to us as the external force at work or play.

The conspiracy’s are all-encompassing and, to the untrained mind, all consuming.

An amalgamation of myths, legends, tall tales, allegories, suspicions, conspiracies and anecdotal ‘evidence’ have spread out amongst you like shattered shards of a broken mirror to reality; fostering uncertainty in the minds of the meek, the defiant and the curious alike.

Ignorance, fear and paranoia have distorted truth to superstitious supposition and from the terrified minds of men and women a riddle of deceit, half-truths, blind faith and folly has grown throughout time. Hence the many pitfalls of the game are manifest because the pursuit of truth is a journey through madness and the unprepared will surrender, fail or fall insane on the voyage of discovery.

That is why we have chosen ‘you’ as our opponent.

We prefer to play the game with scribes of dreams and imaginings and those dreamers and imaginers who colour thought with hope and despair, comedy and tragedy, the extremes of emotion. It is you, the storytellers, questioners, philosophers, facilitators of fantasy, helpers of hearts, manipulators of minds, creators of worlds and maestro’s of lies that make up our greatest adversary’s.

Those of you who are most like we.

So what is our motivation in conceiving and facilitating such a game?

Are we recruiting to increase our number through the playing of this game?

Is this game an aptitude test to sort the worthy from the unworthy?

Will you be participating in the game to change the world for the betterment of humanity?

‘Maybe’, ‘maybe’ and ‘maybe’…. but that would be telling.

Suffice to say for now that we thought you deserved the opportunity to uncover the truth and thus lay claim to the elusive freedom that evades the vast majority of you and your kind.

If you can accurately conceptualise the facts that pertain to our existence then you will, as a matter of course come to know those of your own and ‘the truth will set you free’. By playing this game you may discover who your species are, where you are from and whether or not it is the same time and place for you as it is for ‘we’. You will know if there is grand purpose or any purpose at all; you will know the truth of existence, the truth of everything.

The longer the game is played the more of these stories and conspiracies will be revealed as truth or lies; more fact and fiction disseminated as each play is made, but there is a time limit that is hidden as part of the winning prize. It would be wise to be mindful throughout the game, however, that there may be revelations of truths that you would prefer not to know.

We have made a wager of your somewhat limited chances of success and have also set a milestone that will signal the end of the game. Presuming the challenge is met within the immutable constraints of time. As the truth of who and what we are is enshrouded within the mystery of a million stories, we have decided that the game will end when one million stories are written with the purpose of uncovering the facts from within the intertwined myriad of folly and fabrication.

This short account forms the prompt from which each turn is to be taken.

‘So when does the game begin?’ you might ask.

The answer to that is that we are already playing. This message to you is our play and now that you have read this it is your turn to make yours. Assuming you dare to be the one to take a turn before your species run out of time.

Before you decide, remember; your kind have the scope of a million stories with which to unravel existential truth, so don’t delay, write us your version of the true story and be sure to pass this message on to the next potential participant.

We’ll be watching and reading while waiting for the end.

© 2011 spence

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Added on February 10, 2011
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