The Photograph

The Photograph

A Story by Eric Richard

A short excercise for class


The young teenager hopped out of bed and stepped onto the cold bathroom linoleum; upon flicking on the lights first he sees his reflection in the mirror then focuses onto a photograph taped to the mirror of him and a female figure about the same age. The female is not as tall as he is with short dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes; they have their arms wrapped around one another in embrace. Underneath the photo a note is taped reading, “Matthew we need to talk. Tina.”

Matthew rips down the photograph from the mirror and holds it up gazing at it.
Matthew walked up on the deck of the Poseidon facing the Atlantic Ocean with the sun glistening down his back. Tina walked up towards Matthew, in an oversized navy blue shirt tied and tucked into her skimpy jeans; she stood beside him resting her hands on the rail.

“It’s so breezy out here,” Tina remarked. The wind rustled through her hair and down the back of her shirt. Matthew turned and walked behind her, slowly blowing on her ear.

“Tina I love you and would be honored if you would go to the box social with me," Matthew said.

“Matty I would love to," Tina responded.
Tina cranked her neck and kissed him slightly on the cheek.

Running water escapes from the faucet. Matthew places the photograph onto the counter and places his hands into the stream of water before shutting it off. Matthew exits the bathroom and grabs his cellular phone from the dock and flips it open. At the touch of a button it dials.

“Hello,” the voice of a young woman answers.

“Hey Tina I got your message what’s up”

“Hey Matty I really like you and had a really fun time with you this weekend. Now about the social…” Tina said.

“Have you’ve decided what you’re going to wear yet,” Matthew said. 

“Well….you see it’s like this…” Tina struggles through her words about the new love of her life and the now suddenly becoming noticeable static is not helping matters. She overlooks her bedroom, the novel on the bedroom table, the knick knack of a frog on her bureau, and an envelope.

“Tina, you can tell me anything”. Matthew shouts out through the ear piece of the phone. Tina opens the envelope and takes out the note which reads: “It don’t hurt to come clean with yourself, Tina. It will set you free take from someone who been there before.”

“Tina, are you there…you can tell me anything.” Matthew shouts even louder. Tina reaches for her phone.

“Matty, I just can’t tell you this,” Tina whispers away from the phone, ends the call, and tears up the note.

© 2013 Eric Richard

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Eric Richard
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Very suspenseful! Love it!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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