A thunderstorm

A thunderstorm

A Story by Spinsters Luzviminda Wrighters

Just what happens a few years ago


I was in there, looking waiting for the bus to arrived.  It is the middle of rainy season, it was dark and damp but of all all scary.

Who wouldn't be scared? as a 13 years old child, I was alone by myself, looking around the sorounding trees swaying, waving heavily by the enrage winds, you can hear it whistling, not just any kind of whistle, but whistles that makes your eardrum wish that you'd never hear it again. The surroundings are silhouette and camouflagged by the heavy rain, there was the farm behind me and there was farm in front of me.

I am still looking around like a lost little girl, even the tricycle drivers scram away and hide.

The surroundings are too dangerous and scary to be alone and yet I am determined to just go home.

Few more minutes, my poor umbrella is now bent, damaged by the heavy wind of back and forth, as I was there waiting in the broken shed, beside it was a tree,  my clothes and shoes all wet and I'm so damp and cold, I began to cough and then I saw the lightning.

I closed my eyes and hold both of my hands to my ears.

BOOM, you can hear it, I cannot tell if it struck something but it was really loud.

More lightnings and I am in distress to really just go home.

I feel the loneliness and I wished that I didn't go all by myself.

I kept looking and my friends and my teachers hadn't left yet,  they usually travel together in a bus, and today I heard from my friend that they'd just wait until the storm's subside.

I kept hoping and looking at my damp watch what time it is.  It's 15 minutes past 5 o'clock, I saw a jeepney coming but even if I hailed it, it passed by me, I saw that it is packed with passengers.  A few more and they all the same, until one finally stops for me.  They scoot for a little space for me in the end of the jeepney, I fold my very wet umbrella and drips unto the floor, I caught some passengers looking at me, I could just understand their curiosity of why the heck this little girl's wet and all alone by herself.  I feel some pity but to me I just want to go home, and I'm so relieved that now I am not alone any longer.

Still damp, and my shoes heavily flooded.   I feel the cold breeze, and the mist of the rain as we passed by the great pour.  Smells of the rain, and the mist as we passed the farm. I just kept looking and everything is so blurry, I am glad that when I got home I don't have to cross the street because with this much rain I doubt I'll see clearings of my way.

STOP, I yelled to signal the driver that this is me getting off.  As I open my umbrella the enrage wind whistles and blew my damaged umbrella upside down again.

The huge 30 by 30 in wide and 100 some feet mabolo tree, I feel like I'm greeted by everytime I got home.

I opened the gate and run as fast as I can toward my house.  My shoes all flooded, and the rocks in front of the house my shoes slipped and slide but tried to find my balance not to fall down.

"What happened to you" ask my brother.

"Don't matter" I said "give me the remote it's time for Doraemon"

© 2010 Spinsters Luzviminda Wrighters

Author's Note

Spinsters Luzviminda Wrighters
ignore grammar problems, stfu lol, ok, this is just a silly story
photo taken from http://www.wunderground.com/blog/Skyepony/comment.html?entrynum=64&tstamp=200810

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Added on November 8, 2010
Last Updated on November 8, 2010
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Spinsters Luzviminda Wrighters
Spinsters Luzviminda Wrighters

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