A Poem by DaveM

Impressions about the destruction of the twin towers in NYC




I awoke to see what should never be

Crashing towers in New York City

Today the smoke has blocked the sun

My God - what has humanity done?


The flowers pay no mind to this

They bloom as always - nary amiss

But through my sight their bloom today

Is less then what it was just yesterday.


Across the rooftops spreads a pall

Sadness and anger my heart impale

I search but cannot find reprieve

Images of better days bring no relief.


3 billion years it took to bring

The Gift of life on Earth to spring

The green upon the lands to wash

The oceans, mountains, lakes and marsh.


And Man, to rise above it all

Of spirit and conscience - so tall!

To mold and manage all the land

Sail its' seas, and on its' peaks to stand.


But here I feel but fear to say

Better had we not came this way?

The animals would still romp and play

The plants still grow were we not here today.


Man would but a promise be

Asleep within the womb of Earth

No buildings, no ships upon the sea

If God or nature denied us birth.


But alas, art too would never be

The works of Leonardo Di Vinci, who would see?

The pyramids would sleep within the cliffs.

No fingers would majestic structures lift.


Must we a trade be forced to make

With the good must the devil claim his stake?

Must Man in all his glory bring

Along with wondrous works �" such evil things?

  -  Of planes sent to mock the blue of the sky 

  -  Of hearts torn to pieces in towers high?


Copyright Sept 11, 2001 © David Moses  All Right Reserved

© 2011 DaveM

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Added on December 19, 2011
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Chula Vista, CA

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A Poem by DaveM