The eclipse

The eclipse

A Poem by Katie

A darkness crept across the sky
(and from the dark a blackness came)
The men paused in their work and stared
(and women stopped and did the same)
Both man and wife stood side by side,
their eyes raised to the heavens where
inky shadows filled the sky
(and children trembled in their fear)

The day had gone off someplace else
(Where to knew not a single soul)
The night had followed in its wake
(And turned the clear blue skies to coal)
Both sun and clouds were far from sight,
having vanished without a trace
of light to show where they had been
(and no moon even took their place)

The darkness filled the great expanse
(and filled it with surprising ease)
It moved with pace from East to West
(though there was not a single breeze)
Both trees and plants hung limp and still,
moving not before the night
which filled them all with dreadful awe
(for so appalling was the sight)

Now light appeared in the East
(thin bars of white against the black)
It sped across the darkened sky
(and now the day came running back)
The men gave cheers of heartfelt joy,
For they remembered not how frail
They had been at the great display
(which with time would be just a tale)

© 2009 Katie

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Added on October 23, 2009



Cheltenham, England

I love writing (obviously) and reading. I also like music - not too keen on pop, but I like some rock, jazz and classical. I play clarinet, bass clarinet, flute and piccolo, and I sing in my school c.. more..

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